Top 10: Liverpool’s best moments of the 2018/19 season

It’s deep into stoppage time, Callejon’s gonna cross into the area, Fabinho won the first header –
what a save by Alisson Becker! Absolutely sensational, that was. Stunning reflexes. Mane chasing, lovely take, Neuer has come, and Mane has turned him!
And Sadio Mane for Liverpool, with a brilliant away goal. James Milner takes the corner.
And the header down, and in! It is a towering leap from Virgil van Dijk. Looks up and looks for Mane! That’s it now, Liverpool have
wrapped it up in Munich. It’s a fantastic sign, I love that we
again set a mark for LFC, for this wonderful club, that we really are back
on the landscape of international top football. We all think that’s where this club belongs,
and tonight we proved it at least a little bit. – Here’s Mo coming out now, lad.
– Is it, yeah? – He’s got a couple of shirts and that.
– Oh, has he, yeah? Is right. – How’s it going, Mohamed?
– How are you? – Nice to meet you, Mo.
– How are you? – I’m not too bad, how are you?
– Good to see you. The video went mad, didn’t it? I saw it, very nice. How long have you supported Liverpool? Eh, since I can remember. I’ve been coming the game regularly
about five years. A long time, did you enjoy the game last time? I did, every game, this season so far,
has been… – Every game?
– Every game! I’ve got a small surprise for you, a shirt. Oh, thank you very much, Mo. – My shirt.
– Got Salah, 11 on the back. Thank you very much,
thanks for meeting us. Thank you, thank you very much. Good luck for the rest of the season. Thank you. “To Michael, your support is
an inspiration, Mo Salah.” It’s not just about the football,
it’s the occasion of following your team, being here on the day
is just an amazing feeling. All these people around you, family, friends –
absolutely amazing. Last year was ace,
obviously it didn’t go our way. It’s coming home this time, isn’t it? We just surpass ourselves
time and time again. Anywhere else in the world
you’d rather be right now, boys? No, you’re joking, aren’t you? Took me 20-odd hours on a coach
to get here, I ain’t going nowhere else. ♫ There’s something that
the Kop wants you to know ♫ The best in the world is Bobby Firmino ♫ Si senor, give the ball to Bobby
and he will score… ♫ ♫ And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire ♫ The ring of fire… ♫ ♫ And you’ll never walk alone ♫ You’ll never walk… ♫ Alone. ♫ Emerson has tracked it,
but it’s come to Henderson… Must be! It is, it’s Sadio Mane. Sal-ahhhhhhh! Ohh! Astonishing. Like an arrow into the bull’s-eye
of the top corner. Alexander-Arnold. One last serve. Oh, Van Dijk, had more time. Oh, Pickford’s lost it, Divock Origi! Unbelievable. Divock Origi has come from
the bench and won the derby for Liverpool. Jürgen Klopp can’t believe it,
the Kop can’t believe it, it is the most astonishing way
to win the biggest of games, and Liverpool inflict more misery
on Everton once again. Here’s Mane, Henderson, still Henderson! Saved by the goalkeeper,
and in by Divock Origi! And Liverpool have scored early. Mane’s in the middle,
there’s not much else to aim for. Now there is! It’s Gini Wijnaldum for Liverpool,
he’s caught it a beauty! Shaqiri, Wijnaldum! – Oh, my goodness gracious me! – The unthinkable, the unbelievable, Liverpool
are level from three down against Barcelona. The raw emotion of what’s going on
in this game – Origi! Liverpool goal! – He’s given it, he’s given it! What a piece of quick-thinking
from Trent Alexander-Arnold. ♫ Walk on through the wind ♫ Walk on through the rain ♫ Though your dreams be tossed and blown ♫ Walk on ♫ Walk on ♫ With hope in your heart ♫ And you’ll never walk… ♫ Alone ♫ You’ll never walk ♫ Alone. ♫ ♫ Walk on… ♫ Liverpool’s corner, Van Dijk with the swing. Important little touch by Eric Dier –
oh, it comes to Divock Origi! He’s won the European Cup
for Liverpool. The man who took down Barcelona
has taken Tottenham down in Madrid, and it’s dreamland for Liverpool Football Club. With just minutes to go,
Liverpool get themselves a second, and surely now number six
is on its way to Anfield. They’ve reclaimed their throne. Dust off the crown, Liverpool Football Club
are once again the kings of European football.

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