Top 10: The best U23s goals from 2018/19 | Jones, Brewster, Origi

Top 10: The best U23s goals from 2018/19 | Jones, Brewster, Origi

Adekanye’s done really well, great persistence, Adekanye… Virtue! In! Matty Virtue,
goal number six this season. He’s in prolific form in front of goal. And it’s Rafa Camacho, breaking away. And he scores! 1-0. Rafa Camacho, goal number six this season. Poor kick by Bradley House,
and Matty Virtue goes for goal! And finds it! What a return
to action for Matty Virtue. Brilliantly done, great execution. Liam Coyle, sets himself! Oh, yes! Liam Coyle, that is a beauty! Great strike. Rafa Camacho. Still Camacho! Oh, explosive goal!
What a goal by Rafa Camacho. No goalkeeper’s saving that. Liam Millar. That’s a nice turn, he’s done well. Christie-Davies! Oh, it’s a beauty! Isaac Christie-Davies,
his first goal for Liverpool. Camacho, Origi. Oh, what a great turn, Divock Origi! Oh, it’s beauty.
What a sweet turn and finish. Here’s Curtis Jones,
surrounded by opponents, brilliant – oh, absolutely brilliant! Curtis Jones makes it 3-2… ..with a touch of individual brilliance. Good ball, Yasser Larouci. Oh, look at that! How about the technique there?
Yasser Larouci with an absolute beauty. Outside of the left foot,
Klinsmann with absolutely no chance.

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  1. Origi is 24 how is he playing for u23s 😂😂😂😂

  2. Those guys are the future of Liverpool
    Brewster, Jones , Origi are amazing

  3. Brewster is next hero

  4. We shouldn't have let Camacho go.

  5. Was that Lazar Markovich celebrating in the last goal? I thought he died in an unfortunate smelting accident.

  6. Anyone else notice Lazar markovic

  7. I feel Camacho could be a big miss in years to come.

  8. looks like we got a bright future

  9. nice they are going really well!

  10. We should've kept Camacho instead of selling him.

  11. Can't help but feel that we made a mistake selling Rafa Camacho

  12. I've been watching that Laroucci and hes looking bright for the future 🔴

  13. Buy Bruno Fernandes.

  14. The future is bright

  15. Origi's face does indeed look the same whether he's scoring in an U23 game against Swansea or in a UCL final..

  16. I always doubted Origi but Klopp said 2 years ago that he is special. We should keep him and use him more often. If he gets a bit more consistent, he would help the front 3 alot!

  17. When is the sepp van den berg signing day vlog coming out

  18. Please promote Yasser Larouci, we need Robbo back up, I think he got potential

  19. im a huge liverpool fan but i dont know about this brewster hype, he good or nah? i kinda not like him tbh

  20. looking forward to see rhian killing premier league next season

  21. CITY 🏆🏆🏆

  22. I didn't know Origi played in U23

  23. Origi playing in the u23s is just unfair

  24. Unfair on those mere mortal under 23s having to face the literal God that is Divock Origi

  25. We want to hakim ziyech for mid

  26. I really hope we out a buy back clause in rafa camachos sale, because hes going to be something special

  27. origi is untouchable

  28. camacho was a talent

  29. Camacho ❤️❤️

  30. lazar markovic, anybody know him?hahaha

  31. Brewster – Next Mbappé

  32. And yet you sold Camacho!! .. good job !

  33. If our U23’s played in Scotland they’d qualify for Champions league 😁

  34. Rafa Benitez score 1

  35. well hello there markovic

  36. Camacho's goal is the best for me.

  37. Hopefully one day I will be there

  38. We are the best team in the world talent at all levels

  39. Where is Van den Berg welcome video?

  40. Future star: Camacho

  41. 2:37 wait, is that Markovic?

  42. Lazar Marovic, thank for all. for nothing

  43. So who's clever idea was it to sell Camacho? Ooooh $7M; that kid is going to be worth minimum $70 million in about 2 years, then double that in about 4 years.

  44. Is that Markovic at 2:39?

  45. I loved the last one, looked like Stur against Sevilla final

  46. Divock Origi celebrated his goal more than UCL final he didn't set his standards high anyway

  47. These children must have shat themselves when the Great Divock graced them with his presence

  48. I hope we have d best out of rafa camacho deal

  49. Plz Liverpool don't send Harry Wilson on loan🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  50. Origi from playing in the u23s to scoring a decisive goal in the ucl final and scoring 2 goals in a great comeback against barca

  51. Damn Camacho was actually decent wasn't he

  52. Letting Virtue leave was such a mistake imo, a really complete midfielder with maturity behind his years.

  53. Even Origi is on list, is there anything this legend can't do?

  54. The future is bright!! 👊🔥 They are so lucky that they got to play with the goat!! 😍❤

  55. Origi playing U23s just to lower our expectations near the end of the season 👀

  56. Whats Origi doing there😉

  57. We will.Miss u rafa camacho 😢😢

  58. i am a simply man i see origi i click it

  59. Lazar Markovic still playing in the LFC squad. Wonder what his present situation is?!

  60. I think they 1 and 2 mixed up!

  61. Im out here crying bc we sold Rafa for 5M

  62. Origi has been from u23s to Getting us to the UCL Final and Securing the win in the Final. Absolute 🐐

  63. Matty virtue does reminds me of steven gerrard

  64. Curtis Jones should be in the first team now💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🙌🏼


  66. I just have to jump in here lads n give james Milner a shout championsleague winner respect

  67. It’s a bit unfair playing origi against u23s

  68. Origi in U23? What?

  69. Bobby Duncan?????

  70. What time is Rhian brestwer goal

  71. Subtitel indonesia where?

  72. Nice goal from Origi. Never heard of him, though. Who is he? Keep an eye on him, he might be good. Defo one for the future.

  73. Come on Liverpool supporters subscribes on this fantastic channel please,yours Albin

  74. Origi zero to….hero!

  75. My best goal was Rhian Brewster

  76. Mad to see origi doin bits in the u23s

  77. IN DECEMBER 81 THE TIME OF Flamengo put the English on the wheel 3 to 0 in LIVERPOL It was marked in history & now its people ask the world again

  78. Bobby's on fire youq defence is terrified x2 he will score goals he will score them all x2 oh nananahnananahnananah

  79. come on, where's the transfer update news?

  80. Hello, I am Ulan I am a Liverpool fan from Kazakhstan I want to see Liverpool on Anfield Enfield Road stadium in the world invite me to the Liverpool match you ll never walk alone

  81. Really want to see a lot more of Rhian Brestwer & Curtis Jones in the first team next season.

  82. Gutted LFC are not in PES 2020.

  83. Liverpool's Cinderella story is over. Zidane hazard and Sergio Ramos at madrid =You'll Never win Again for the reds.

  84. What a goal by cammacho

  85. Imagine playing here with Origi, then seeing him on TV score two against Barca and a CL winner.


  87. Do you know the name of this song?

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