Top 4: Best Basketball Dribbling Moves – Break Ankles!

Top 4: Best Basketball Dribbling Moves – Break Ankles!

What’s up guys, Jesse Muench here with Today we’ll show you four of the best basketball dribbling moves that
you can use especially if you’re looking to break ankles and the fourth one is
actually kind of going to give you a whole world of possibilities let’s take a look at now when it comes
to break the ankles a lot of players think you know you have to do some
flashy moves and I didn’t see seen people comment some of my youtube videos
on how to break ankles when i get some real basic didn’t like that’s not going
to work yeah it does work a lot of the ankle
breakers that you see in the NBA are just some regular crossovers or even and
pickup basketball it’s about how you execute it so let’s
get enough you details first of all momentum is T to get your
defender movie and then also talking about getting in tight to your defender okay either to create a little bit of
contact with them or to get slightly past them so if my defenders here if i get my foot past them they’re going
to try to recover hard and sometimes leave a trip over my foot sometimes they’ll trip over their own
feet but when you start to beat them and then hit him with a quick crossover
coming back they’re going to have to try to move one direction and then back
really quickly so that’s beyond your crossovers either getting momentum going
and or you can combine all three of these things to some degree getting close to your defender to create
contact or get past them a little bit and then making that crossover HAP alright the second what we want to talk
about is the inside out dribble ok it’s basically going to be the
quickest way to fake your crossover it’s kind of like doing a crossover and we
cross is just faster because you keeping the ball in one hand and you’re doing it
all in one dribble see tip on this is whichever hand has the basketball make sure you’re stepping out with the
opposite foot and you’re selling that fake with your shoulders by dipping your
shoulders and facing your shoulders in the direction you’re trying to fake and
then of course is your eyes to look that way again doing this with some momentum
going it’s going to help you break more angles
and get past more defenders so dipping into it and then coming back the hand
positioning if you don’t know how to do the inside is basically hand on the
outside of basketball bring it over the top and then pull it
back ok ok then the third thing we want to talk
about is the between the legs and basically this is another crossover
variation but the reason it’s good to have a between-the-legs dribble down is
it’s a good move to set up a lot of moves and have a little bit of
protection over the basketball while still being able to move forward quickly so when I do a between-the-legs
crossover if I have a defending here trying to steal the ball I got my life in front of it so it’s
harder for them to get a hand on the ball without slapping that leg right
doesn’t really give them a path to get to the basket ball so way you can get in
a little tighter to your defender while still doing a crossover so you can get to the basket now again
this is great for a lot of counter moves and whatnot but the other thing i like
about it is it also puts you in a great position to step hard towards the basket
because it puts you almost like in a lunge position here right like you’re
almost in a running position already and if you load up on to this front leg you can push off hard for an explosive
first step across here and now you still have protection over the basketball from
your defender again that’s going to allow you to get in tight to your
defender so you can create a little bit of
contact get past that foot and break some ankles ok ok and then the fourth thing we got to
talk about is comboing these things together right that’s one of the best way so you don’t
get past defenders street space break a girl’s whatever it is look you’re
looking to do in the game by comboing these moves together is going to give
you a ton of options ok so going from an inside-out into a
crossover or between the legs into an inside-out or between the legs into a
regular crossover right you have a ton of options now when you start incorporating these
together also with some movement it’s going to take things next level for
yourself inside out covering some drama and crossing over or eating your
defender with up between the legs taking a dribble hard to start beating
on the get past her foot and then hit him with a crossover that’s how you really start to link
things together and break some ankles look if you found this video helpful you
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comments down below so that’s the place let me know if
there’s something you want to see thanks for watching stay tuned for more and get
up your goals today Top 4: Best Basketball Dribbling Moves – Basketball Moves To Break Ankles | Snake

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