Travailler dans les sports nautiques

Travailler dans les sports nautiques

What is really great at Club Med is that you can learn several different activities such as wind surfing for example, diving, kayaking, sailing, being on board a catamaran, etc. and every time you meet someone who has experience in that field, it really motivates you to constantly learn more! Working in a Club Med village is like working in another world It’s a continual party from dawn to dusk, and unlike anything you’re able to experience in the outside world, here you will always meet someone with whom you can share good times, whether it may be with a G.O or a guest. If you have the opportunity to come and work at Club Med, you really should do it as you’ll learn so many things, whether it’s in terms of sailing or other things, you could be a versatile GO and learn things in several different fields. What’s more, Club Med is multi-cultural, so you’ll meet many different people, and you’ll feel part of a family… and so yes, you can come and work at Club Med without hesitation. The last thing I can say about it is: love sailing, love the sea and make the most of the great friendships you could make!

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  1. Ça manque tellement 🙂

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