Trump spends 100 days at golf clubs in office

Trump spends 100 days at golf clubs in office

President Donald Trump hit a milestone Saturday
— since he’s been in office, he’s spent 100 days at one of his golf clubs. CNN and NBC keep tallies of Trump’s time at
his various golf properties. NBC reports that in his first official year
as president, Trump visited his clubs more than 90 times. That’s not to say he’s actually playing golf
every time — it’s hard to tell. The White House often refuses to confirm if
the president hit the links or who he played with. Still, Trump has drawn criticism for how much
time he spends at his golf properties, partly because he repeatedly bashed former-President
Barack Obama for playing the game while in office. The White House has defended Trump’s golfing
in the past as a way for the president to make deals.

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  1. Yeah, make deals for himself and his rotten corrupt family.

  2. At this point are we really shocked that Trump is a hypocrite on yet another topic? Or that his supporters will ignore this or try and defend it?

  3. He promised he wouldn’t play Golf if President!! What a liar lol!! 🤥

  4. Cool ,I think he's better than Tiger Woods ! Being a fan a famous Celebrity and a damn good president of the United states !!!
    You Demo-Trumphating Russian bots wanna Showdown, I'm ready because Im the roughest, toughest Gothic fire-blowing, gun slinging cow poke in Texas!!!!YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAWWW!!🇺🇸🐉🔥🤠💀🔫⚰🔩

  5. Let's try being a little honest, how many weekends are there in one year? Now multiply that by two for the two days of the so-called weekend. Whatcha got?

  6. Too many vacations

  7. This disgusting FAT ORANGE PIG has played more golf in his first 6mos. (and no doubt cheats​ on his score) then Obama did in 8yrs. trump is lazy fat ass CORRUPT  SCUMBAG, Mueller do your​ JOB! Put this disease called trump in prison!!

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