TSP || Bollywood Cricket Commentary Ep 04 || Naiyo Naiyo IPL Special

TSP || Bollywood Cricket Commentary Ep 04 || Naiyo Naiyo IPL Special

Hello, friends! Welcome to the Bollywood Cricket
Commentary IPL edition. And today we have someone straight from
the non-success party of Kings XI Punjab, From Daler Mehndi’s place, a major loser
for the position of a DJ. It’s DJ Bobby Darling. And to reject this Jat with an ‘if’
and ‘but’ is, the boastful owner of Kings XI Punjab,
Petty Zinta. Well, her team sucks even after 10 IPLs. She burnt her nose hair snorting coccaine
lines. -She’s the wolf of wallstreet, Lala.
-Okay, okay Sherry! The madam’s snobby attitude threw off Esha Deol
with a back-foot in the first ball! But the Jat stands strong! He signals straight at the DJ booth He said no one can control him, so now this DJ boy,
will be known as Dharam paji’s son. There’s a signal of a four! Looks like Shimla’s daughter can’t resist
soldier’s charm. That’s a no ball. Making a sign that indicates no tattoos
by this scorpion. Oh man, the decision’s a wide ball, Lala. That’s a clear indication of no passion This could have repercussions, Sherry. And it does! The madam rejected it! Looks like it’s a time for rejections. A front-foot rejection. A rejection after ducking! A booty twerked rejection! Petty’s cleaning her nose here, now. Looks like some coccaine’s come
into the party. You’re quite something, man! There goes Preity with her signal
of making ‘rotis'(Indian bread) She’s telling Bobby that his place
is in the kitchen behind a tandoor not the DJ booth. She’s a straightforward girl, Lala. Bobby looks like Pussy Deol
is trying to play a game of humping. He’s broken a boundry with a spank
and asked permission for the DJ console. He’s trying to be Ganguly. That brought back some memories, eh? On the other hand Preity’s trying
to be a stripper. Look at that, will you?
He’s shy of lookng at a naked chick! Look at that, he’s trying to be DJ spot
with his actions of grinding tobacco. And if you look behind, the ‘sardar’
doesn’t seem to look like one. This guy looks even more fake
than Nicki Minaj’s butt. Here it’s like they’re solving
an imaginary rubiks cube. And here he’s asking for some cloth
to shine his balls. Oh man! There you go
another rejection again. Hey! That’s a three hand clap! Does he really need three hands to clap,
Sherry? Tell me? Ain’t I good, Lala? Look at her with her sexy mind gagmes,
ending it with a slap! She’s pulled him from the Premier legue
and thrown him out of legue. There you go, he’s banging his fists
to renew his premium, DJ for a Hobby Deol. Look at that, she broke Bobby’s back foot
with her front foot. Oh my God! Is there anything like
self-respect in this game, Sherry? No doubt about that! This shameless nut proves
that self-respect is a myth. Look at Preity show her
short-pitch delivery! Straight to the rib-cage, crushing it! These Punjabi’s lift her up
like a Ranji Trophy wife. Preity what can we say? The crazy, wonky marijuana
plays his last card. He’s trying to gain sympathy
making an excuse of his shoulder injury. And the final answer’s also
a strict fucking no, no! -Reminds me of my college romance, Sherry.
-And me of Sunil Grover. That guy nevevr gives up,
does he? He’s back again for his TRPs. Look at that, instead of turning the CD
around, he turned Preity! The music sounds great, Lala.
Let’s chill at work too! That was fun, Lala! Bobby, I have a suggestion for you. When dogs get run over by cars,
Peta makes you go behind bars. Pay attention to acting Bobby,
’cause you’ll never be David Guetta. Ain’t I good, Lala?

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