We’re in London today
because we’re going to spend the day with one of the best footballers of the Premier League and he’s just behind this door so if you want to know who it is, keep watching. A day in the life of Marcos Alonso – How are you guys?
– Good morning. How are you Marcos? Ready to spend a whole day with us? Let’s go. Quite a complete day. – OK, no worries.
– Let’s go. Today isn’t a training day. You actually have a day off but Venom has been released
and we’ll make a training session so you can tell us about
your sensations and daily routine. Perfect. I need to recover
after yesterday’s match and I’m also looking forward
to try the new boots. You usually have a day off
after each match, right? It depends. Now, it’s Christmas
and we’ve played so many matches, so we didn’t have many days off. We do some recovery
to be ready for the next match and today we’ve got a day off,
so we’ll make the most to prepare for Saturday’s match. We said this isn’t a training day
but I’m curious nonetheless. When do you usually start to train? It depends on when we’re playing. We’re training in the mornings
at 10.30-11am or a bit later, around 2pm. And how long does the training session last? It depends on how close the match is. The last 2 days before the match
we do 1.5h with much tactical work. We also work on strategy. On the previous days it depends. There are longer sessions of 2.5h
in the field, depending on… – Depending on…
-…We make some gym workout too. We’re in London.
It’s not such a residential area as where you live in Madrid
or where you grew up. How are you adapting? Good. Everything is different. When I lived in Italy the culture was more alike
to the Spanish one. England is another world. The people, the culture, the city
are a different story. But I’m very happy here, always knowing something
new about the city, enjoying it outside the field as much as I can. I was just thinking that there are
many Spanish players in the Chelsea. I guess that made you adapt faster. Absolutely, from the first day. Diego was here before,
he’s almost Spanish and the environment, not just amongst Spaniards but in all the group, is excellent and that helped me
adapt too in the first days. When you go train by yourself,
what music do you listen to? Or do you listen to the radio?
Tell us about that side. I love listening to Spanish music. Sometimes I listen reggaeton, I like flamenco,
especially when I’m out of Spain, it makes me feel at home. And does that happen too in the locker room? Do you choose the music or do you fight over that? The kit man is in charge here
and he plays English music but… – The kit man chooses the music?
– … with Joaquín we won everyone over. It’s a bit cold but
I want to try the boots. Yes, it was time for a change and I already want to see how feel. Marcos has already tried them, at least the prototype, so he knows more about the boots than I. Anyway, we’ll make a video talking about the boots. It’s already recorded, you’ll be able to see it. We’ll leave a link in the description. Shall we start? – OK, let’s go.
– Alright! Now we’re going to eat to one
of your favourite restaurants. Yes, it’s an Italian restaurant near the stadium. All players come here often and
it’s we eat very well here. Have you brought us here because
you didn’t want to cook for 7 or do you like it very much? I didn’t want to kill you of an indigestion. You don’t cook much? I learned how to cook some pasta back in Italy but not more much. Honestly, that’s what I like the least of living alone. I don’t like to cook, I’ve said this some times and I wish I’d like it but I think it takes too long for eating in such a short time. I can cook for myself, but for 7, impossible. Let’s talk about diets?
Are you controlled in the club? Not much. We’ve got a nutritionist
who controls what we eat at the club, we make fat and weight controls,
once or twice a month. Are there periods in which you’re more careful or you can treat yourself? Like, now I can eat more or I can eat this dessert. Or do you have an even plan? I try to be careful all year but I like sweet quite much so after some matches, in which I lose some weight, I get to eat some chocolate so,
yes, sometimes I treat myself. What kind of diet do you follow before a match? That’s quite complicated since
you’ve got your own routines, but when you play at 12pm, it kind of changes because you maybe can’t eat pasta at 9am, although some do. In this cases I have a more complete breakfast with eggs, for example, which have a lot of protein. What would you say is the best time to play? I can’t tell because I like the England timing at 3pm but also the Champions time at 8.45pm. Thinking of the match’s atmosphere
I prefer to play at 8.45pm but if I want the pre-match meeting to be shorter, not being in a room for so long, then 3pm it’s better. Well, food has arrived so we’re going to start now. What is the plan now? What do you think if I show you Stamford Bridge and see where I spend many hours? I really want to, I’ve never been at Stamford Bridge and I want you to tell me
some secrets nobody else knows. – Ok, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Arriving at the stadium
and seeing this is amazing, right? Yes, every time we arrive here, seeing these images bring back very good memories
and lift your spirits to improve. I’m looking forward to this.
I want to see the field. It’s quite sober compared to
other locker rooms, I mean… – Yes, it isn’t…
– It isn’t sumptuous… – …spectacular but we’ve got all we could ever want. There’s a warm-up area here, with physiotherapists so we can warm-up before matches… There we see the strategy in the TV, usually here there’s a board with the player distribution and some inspirational quotes.
We had here the names of the squad, the ones who won the Premier, even if it isn’t sumptuous, I’ve got great memories here and some anecdotes too. Here is your name, on your sides Pedro, Fabregas, Kanté, Morata and Azpilicueta, many Spanish players, do you choose that?
Your distribution in the locker room. More or less depending on the lockers
available at the time you arrive. Cesc is my neighbour, Pedro is near too. The truth is there’s an excellent environment and precisely I get along very well
with those by my sides. I’d like to know something we ask all players, what is your pre-match routine? I mean, some players have a quite stablished routine and need to put the socks first or go to the toilet before going out…what’s yours? I don’t have many manias but it’s true that when you make something every day you tend to have some order and do the same things. For example, this is a detail I have with my girlfriend with this bracelet. It’s the last thing I take off before jumping to the field, I cross myself, I kiss it and put it aside. I’m also usually the last one
to put on my shirt, I don’t know why. I was about to ask just that, who is the last one to get ready to go out into the field? Who’s got the most manias before the match? – I think Álvaro…
– Really? – …Álvaro is quite maniacal although he’s not the one
who takes the longest to get out. David Luiz or Eden are usually
the last ones to jump into the field but in terms of manias, Álvaro takes the cake. Let’s go to what I really I’ve looking forward since I’ve never been in this stadium. How was the day when you debuted
with the Chelsea here? I already was quite fond of this stadium
since when I had come with other clubs I always won and that’s something special. There are always fields in which
you have better memories and I had always liked Chelsea’s stadium and had been so fortunate to come here
and win all times I had played here. What about the fans?
I think you had a very good acceptance, right? Yes, I did. Since the first day,
either in home or away matches, fans are really important, right? When you are in a club you need
to feel your fan’s support and I’ve felt this since the first day here and that gives you moral to be even better. Do you have any mania before jumping into the field? Like entering with the right foot
or jumping 3 times, anything? No, when I think about it, I enter with the left foot but… – But just if you think about it,
it’s not like if you don’t enter with the left foot… – …yes, I mean, I forget some days, I don’t do it every day but if I think about it I do enter with the left foot but… – Yes, it isn’t a mania. – …I wave at my family if they’re
in the stadium and little else. Well, Marcos, mission accomplished.
We’ve spent a whole day with you. What were your impressions? Good, very good. I wanted you to see how is
my daily routine here in London and, the most important thing is
that the boots are good, that’s for sure, and they’ll help to win many matches. Very well, many thanks. Guys, if you’ve liked the video leave
a thumbs up, subscribe and see you. One day in the life of Marcos Alonso

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