Upside Down Golf Match | Golfing In Atlanta

Upside Down Golf Match | Golfing In Atlanta

I hope y’all having a great day here
with my buddy Michael in Atlanta Georgia well of course we have today
what’s up guys we’re here at Candler Park Golf Course it’s a City course of
Atlanta we’re about two and a half miles east of downtown excited about seeing up
here at Candler Park got a fun little matching store me against Michael but
we’re gonna switch things up a bit this is a little challenge six-hole challenge
match I’m playing with his clubs he’s playing with my clubs and I know you may
think yeah no big deal well he’s left-handed I’m right-handed yep
upside-down golf yeah we’re flipping the club’s over and that’s pretty much what
we’re doing so we’re gonna go ahead and take you to the D right now and I have
no idea how this ball is gonna fly we’re gonna find out good luck these are not
my clubs today these are my clubs right here Michael
those are my using those those are Michaels clubs here number one 285 yard
par-4 all right so I won’t be using my driver today this for Michael here you
go Michael yep and here’s my driver today we’re gonna be flipping it over
dude hi let it fly no today’s motto is not to get high let it flies dude hi
don’t let it sky yeah like over here honestly for the first one I’ll take it
no sky mark it’s in play nice guy you worried about sky my driver that’s okay
that’s alright we’re not here to have fun we’re in play no scatter honestly
Michael shot right there was really good we both should be in good play up here
see if we can’t get it up and down for a couple birdie looks here on number 177
yards 77 here for Michael there’s this ball maybe a wedge I don’t know what are
you gonna be hitting it’s been never since I’ve played backhanded so let’s
try a little pitching wedge oh I might have been ashamed all right Here I am 30 yards short
so we’ll ship up there with a wedge cozy it on up for the birdie we’ll be taking
that wedge sir thank you we’re up there that came off a little
lower lofted I anticipated but we’re up there button third shot here for Michael
up and down for par ooh that looks really good
trundled out just a bit about 15 feet left here for par thankfully Michael has
a flat back to his putter blade so really you know should be just same as
my putter yeah maybe not but right in there all right we’re gonna tap this in
that is a par I’ll take a par all day long here on number one we have Michael
roll in the rock with the Seymour oh those are really good relevant par on
one Michaels bogey really wasn’t that bad
we didn’t hit any warm-up shots so we didn’t even know how it’s gonna react
and Barna buggy through one hole really not too bad I am one up on to number two
par 3 167 wind a little bit from the northeast northeast which is this
direction just in case you’re wondering coming right at the camera I really have
no idea how far those gonna fly I’ve got 7-iron here we’re just gonna kind of
learn as we go on the distance control I mean that was a little right but
before him play see if we can’t get that huffing down we have Michael here with
the 6-iron let’s see how this bad boy flies that actually looks really really good
it’s just a little short left tough to get a lot of distance out of these irons
but he’s not in bad shape there all righty
there we are a little short right so it’s not on the green but spin hi
yeah gotta look at the bright side all right do we have Michael here with the
second shot this looks really good just ran out just a little long alright so
today we’re gonna be using putter if it’s even close to an option
chipping iron play driving kind of everything stuff so putter when we have
the option Michael’s right over there on the fringe and I am right here on the
fringe we’re both gonna be putt nice yes we will we have Michael here from
about 20 feet this is looking good oh it’s baking but not bad speed Mike we’re
gonna go ahead and finish this off for his bogey not a bad bogey sir this is a
must make for the tie on the hole that is huge tide number two I’m one up
through two holes four holes left in the match par three number three Michael
what we got 129 down the hill I’m probably gonna send an 8-iron I I’m just
kind of guessing at this point but yeah what are you at large nine all right
well he’s the lawn knocker we’re just gonna run it right along the
ground yes sir looks really good Michael’s going with a little different
technique going with the hair loft yeah both uh not too bad all right Michael
here about 20 yards left really in pretty good shape here my
balls right back there all right really pretty good play and hi about 10
feet Oh we’ll take that not bad
I’m gonna go ahead and tap this out ooh oh it went in to win it but by to
pull punches a little bit this would be a huge putt for Michael let him in the door all in all really
happy who’s being won over through three holes
hopefully the trends can continue there Michael’s not playing bad he’s three
over but make him bogeys with upside-down clubs really pretty good so
we’re on to number three par three what would you say this is playing 130 133
133 hole is right back here I’m gonna stick with the 7 iron 7 irons been
pretty good so keep it low hit it low yeah I’ve got the 8-iron 8-iron
once we didn’t like the 9-iron I’m lost all the 9 was good I just didn’t quite
get there so it’s gonna get me there right there can’t complain too much it was pretty
much in line just a little short this is really good
Michael is loving my clubs what a hop I mean that is really really really good
tough is a ridiculous shot by Michael obviously you figured out something
would you figure out I figured out the old thing the magician never reveals his
secret well that gave me nothing competition I’m down to I need something
so there’s that he ain’t told me so I was really shot Michael I was a ways off the green there but
like I said if I have the option to put it we’re gonna roll the rock we have
Michael here this would be a huge pin slimming moment oh we did leave it just
a little short but not too bad would be big no I thought it was gonna break a
little to the right that’s a bogey for Michael to get one back in the match oh that was bad alright Michael got one
back there I am currently one up through four holes
we’re on to number five this match he’s just tightened up had a little breathing
room mmm that wasn’t a great putt there for my par
I am currently 2 over Michael is three over par 3 what’s our number here sir
167 167 don’t hit it in there don’t hit it left and don’t hit it in
the street pretty much straight away that is unbelievably good
I mean it’s so good so like I said Michael obviously there’s something out
there that was ridiculous it looks like he’s about 10 to 15 feet away
I’ve got 5-iron oh it all will take you a little right
little short but not bad I’m not gonna say that I figured it out there but I
think I figured it out that was a little right we’re going with a little
inside-out swing not sure if that’s what Michaels talking about but that was
better on the fight just a little right here we are right here there’s the pin
and there’s Michael right back there yeah that was really really good not too
bad about 10 feet left here for par maybe
Michael three-putt maybe we’ll roll the rock we have Michael here for another
birdie attempt can he have a pin slammer another another pretty good role now
they’re pretty good role in the heart don’t leave it short oh that’s a bogey
this one has to drop left center infirm this is a must make for Michael well almost must make one hole left to
tie the match never a doubt never a doubt sir he’s in there match is all
square however I’m trending down Michaels trianing up he did figure out
something because those last two shots literally had a normal ball flight and
were amazing he hit him both to like 25-30 feet two putts on both of them for
his part match is all square heading into the sixth and final hole there’s
been a fun match sir I appreciate you having me out here in Atlanta not gonna
happen alright we got the final hole here the
match hole number six it Canton Park one of the better holes out here this is a
par 4 it’s gonna be about 350 355 bends a
little bit left to right we’ve got water here on the left to our mediate left we
have the only beaver sanctuary in the city really um we do have a beaver
floating around here somewhere somewhere in there okay but back to the hole
just a little left-to-right shot you’ll be right down the pipe
one more down the middle that was so good Michael
you figured this out right down the middle
yeah that’s about perfect it’s clean it’s clean it’s never been cleaner sky
marks on the driver all right Michaels come to play here
these last few holes I need a good tee shot that way straight through the tree I
went straight through it didn’t touch anything
trees are 90% air 90 something like that all right Michael is right there I’m
right over there pretty good tee shots Michael this hole is very tight yes sir
it’s intimidating you know you get the water left you get the tree right you
got to work it left or right or you just go right through the trees like Zach I
mean what tree yeah how far you got sir 91 yards 91 yards
gap wedge it’s heading a little right I’m gonna try to use the slope a little
short right 50 yards left 52 degree in hand we will take that all day long every day
we’ve got a birdie look I’m at least gonna to putt I can almost guarantee it
that looks really good it’s trundling out just a bit he’s about
12 feet long oh come on I had to break I had to break
are you serious I thought that was in the heart
oh we’re gonna top this in that was the part here on number six I thought I made
a birdie putt we’ll take the top in par forces Michael to make his putt to force
it into a playoff there he is about 12 feet left this is an absolute
must make I can see the tension in his eyes well they’re behind his sunglasses
but I know there’s tension there he’s got this for the tie can Michael roll
the rock with the seam or oh oh oh just rolls by good match sir good match
thanks so much for having me out that was so much fun you hit a lot of great
shots yeah it’s a great day here I started out struggling with a couple
shanks you know and so did I little right little left button you know kept
it between the lines so some parts um bogeys really all in
all not too bad the putter actually didn’t feel bad off the back side I
thought it was okay I mean the the last few holes I may have chipped it more
than putted but you know it’s it’s that’s how it is you got about that much
you know clubface are rights all right so you got
a blade it and a lot of fun a lot of fun never done this before so thanks a lot
for coming out really appreciate it hope you enjoy
coming along for today’s match I ended up winning one up yes at Michael’s home
course but had so much fun thanks so much for having me out here this was you
know a great day you know learning a lot about how to hit
left-handed clubs your clubs so if you like this kind of content drop a like
down below let me know in the comments below what other kind of challenges
things like that that you all like to see in future content and y’all until
next time we’ll see you only see ya you

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