Vintage Ammaco Race Bike Restoration

Hello and welcome to another Bike and another Restoration this is a 23.5″ Monte Carlo Ammaco Bike I was not to sure with the company itself Ammaco I did a bit of digging and found out that they imported BMX’s Some of you may rememberer the actually Mongoose but they used to import a lot of BMX’s and they made a lot of money from that. This bike itself lower end of the market but it is extremely lightweight so yes I am very interested in this bike the gearing system Custom Crank Shimano Rear Derailleur and it has actually Suntour Gear Levers loving the detailing on the frame itself, it has the Ammaco name stamped into the Frame and it has a bit of Red paint work into the lungs themselves so a bit of nice detailing so for lower end of the market it is a really good bike But Ammaco I also found out that it stood for A Malcom Malcom and Chris Organisation so yes thats a bit of history on the bike itself which is always good to find out so lets get this bike stripped down, and take it from there OK well their is the bike all stripped down it has been a loverly bike to strip it has not taken much effort at all it has all came apart really easy with no stubborn parts the frame is really really lightweight for such a low end market bike it really is a lightweight bike I can not get over how light it is The Parts erm OK well, the front and the rear calliper are different the brake callipers and as I say it had Sun Tour gear levers and Shimano Rear Mech Also I have suspicions it is not the original Forks as well their is signs that they have been added at a later date for some reason But it is still a lightweight bike and still and good bike to do so with out further a do lets clean this bike up and start cleaning Well, the frame has come up really well looks really nice clean and tidy touched up the decals rubbed the frame down with T-cut and touched up any spot rust so yes it has come out really well what I have decided to do with this bike though going to make a single speed fixed gear with it just simply because their was so many mixed parts wasn’t original forks the brake callipers was completely different. and I did have a couple of wheels available to me so to keep the cost down I have decided to make it into a single speed what we have had to do is I have got some nice nice brake callipers some duel pivot brake callipers so I have had to drill out the folks themselves and also the frame and what I have used is a 8mm drill bit which fits the locking nut at the back its a 8mm and it fits in nicely what we have also done we have kept the original bars and stem but we have put aero brake levers on there so should look really nice, neat and tidy and we have got a black crank black seat post and a brand new saddle so it should look really good so with out further a do lets get this bike back together and back on the road Well very simple to put back together, no gears on this one loving the actual duel pivot brakes and also the aero levers as well brought it into the modern day so all that is left to do now is get it out and give it a ride Well what a lovely smooth ride this bike is with so many new parts, what I have had to do is put some new brake callipers on some longer reach ones, they old ones was not touching the rim properly so had to put long reach ones on and they work just perfect now but very happy that I have transformed this bike into a single speed fixed gear as I say a lot of the parts was not original even the forks was not original so yes I have gone down this route and I am happy that I have done it is a great bike around town and yes loverly I do enjoy delving into some of the companies and a bit of history about them and it is very interesting in that respect Thanks for watching if you do enjoy watching the videos as I always say Please SUBSCRIBE and drop us a LIKE Bye for Now!

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