Virtual Reality Cricket Game – JUST BAT (VR)

Virtual Reality Cricket Game – JUST BAT (VR)

Girls and Boys, Pick up your BATs The future of entertainment is here Hi I’m Jamie Hello, I’m Manu Hi, I’m Shash. We are scientists And, we love to play Cricket Well, really we just want to BAT Virtual Reality meets Cricket Full 360 degrees viewing Motion tracking Ladies and Gentlemen, pick up your BATs Ladies and Gentlemen, pick up your BATs Was that it?

Comments (64)

  1. Which VR headset is needed for this?

  2. Good Game. Would be forward to looking its release

  3. I am struggling for a Vr headset. your challenge will suffice

  4. Hey when I play the PC version of 'JB' I am having the camera rotation problem. it is continuously rotating.
    Plz respond as fast as you can

  5. but I cannot move the bat

  6. can you suggest me the controls when I open the Just Bat app and i have to select the resolution

  7. even though i didn't changed any i can't conttol the joystick commands

  8. Waiting for the release guys

  9. When can we expect release for the VR version ?

  10. It looks different (but the beggining and the music are something weird xD)

  11. can u post me too a vr!!!pleassssssseeeee
    then i will be the first one to buy ur game!
    game is very intresting

  12. i have just now started downloading the game

  13. dont forget the vr if i am in the top

  14. hey i am playing the game and its—-

  15. come on fill the blank

  16. if i come 1st on the leaderboard i want vr and even the game

  17. but mines a tablet how will i play

  18. i dont have a smartphone…because iam only a kid 13yrs.
    but in 2 weeks we are going to settle in uk..😀😀😀so i think that i will have a smartphone of my one then

  19. i even subscribed ur channel😃😃becaus i liked the game a lot

  20. i am trying my best to be first in leader board

  21. hey i scored 124…but i am not in 1st position in the leaderboard..
    yes,i submitted…..
    please check or else i will lose my vr

  22. i really did please believe me

  23. beware of breaking things!!!! hehe

  24. but how do i get to see my score again…because i played 2 games after the high score….please check

  25. i will try to score again but that would be hard….
    i submitted with the name of-varshith rao…
    please check

  26. hey,check it pleaseeeee………..
    i dont wanna lose my vr..

  27. hey i scored 116 and i even submitted….it dint display even now i even have screenshot

  28. how to get to see. my score again

  29. yes i am in first position

  30. how should i take selfie with the score!!!
    because the score is not visible

  31. hey how to see my score again

  32. when will i get my vr headset!!!😜😜😜😜

  33. hey check once i posted

  34. why are u not replying!!!!!

  35. hey i again scored around 166. or 168 could u please update the leaderboard

  36. can i play it with any bat

  37. That's awesome! Best of luck to you with the development of Just Bat.

  38. Can't Wait for this..My life is sorted 😀

  39. I really hope they make a more realistic cricket game in vr for the psvr or the gear vr it be awesome to play without getting hurt

  40. so when is it scheduled. for which format?

  41. thats gear VR ur using
    how does it track bat?
    i have gear vr i am intrested

  42. how can I get this thing

  43. how did the on drive became slog??

  44. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  45. kollo meke htc vive mixed reality support karanawada?

  46. with this can learn cricket shots and improve our batting.

  47. Can you do matches

  48. IB Cricket is a VR game from India…. It's way more interactive than this…. no offense… Just thought you guys would want to know.

  49. The game you're presenting is not even 1% close to iB Cricket by ProYuga. Look forward to hear the launch on 15th March, 2019.

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