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to here now can you hear it down to here now didn’t
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well that’s good because without that we would not have a stream they David what’s going on
glad you can make it so I literally just got back from work so why I have all my
crab on and Elaine what’s going on so we’ll wait maybe one or two more minutes so today we’re gonna go over weight-loss
cleanses and do they work most of the articles that I get right through
helpline it seems to be a pretty legitimate source these are all articles
written by obviously our DS and everything like that has anybody ever
tried like a weight loss cleanser or a detox and if you have what do you think nobody here all right so let’s get
started so as so when somebody says that they’re
doing a cleanse it implies that they’re trying to clean themselves or something
of something or you know rid their body of impurities right generally speaking the overreaching
overarching goal of a cleanse process is remove something from your diet or
lifestyle in order to facilitate weight loss now I talk to people and I’m like
okay so you’re doing a cleanse or you’re doing a detox and then I try to get them
to explain exactly what that means and most of the times I get answers saying
oh you know I’m just getting rid of the toxins in my body so by you know not
eating or doing something like that you know do people even know what toxins are
trying to rid their body of or what toxins even exist Kristin you want to
try it well maybe change your mind after this
article so these cleanses are typically brief
and involve a specific set of instructions for diamo dafuk ation to
achieve a certain goal some simply aim to reduce weight while other
promised fat loss in specific body areas now if you work with me I hope you know
that that’s not possible because if you don’t you haven’t been listening and the
methods can vary greatly between cleanses some include herbal supplements
or exercise while others focus solely on the types of foods you eat so what is
the difference between a cleanse and a detox
does anybody know so it’s difficult to differ the two because neither method
has a standard scientific definition plus there is significant overlap Labe are the two terms are often used
interchangeably when referring to this style of dieting though some people
claim that distinct differences exist both diets are intended for short-term
use usually lasting anywhere from 1 to 30 days the name but differences seem to
lie on the overall intent behind the respective methods so yeah whether
you’re cleansing or detoxing hopefully your goal are your goals differ so detox
toxification diets usually operate on the notion that your body needs
assistance to eliminate harmful substances or toxins from your system
that may be impairing optimal health hey that was the first I was going to name
my company tomorrow so these toxins may refer to any dietary or environmental
substance with the potential to cause harm including but not limited to
pollutants heavy metals industrial chemicals pest
sides or allergens before we go any further
typically your body doesn’t need any help the body itself does the majority
of all the work DITA detox that’s usually involved very strict diet
dietary regimes that may include fasting herbal supplements lack of laxatives
enemas and eliminating many foods some of them also claim to detoxify specific
organs such as your liver kidneys or colon once again not possible unless
you’re doing an enema where you would be cleaning out of your
colon I believe well we lost maybe one goal for some detox diets thing they
more frequently target a wide array of physical ailments such as allergies
headaches and migraines digestive issues fatigue nausea acne and skin rashes or
hormone imbalances though detoxes remain very popular there is no scientific
evidence to support the effectiveness of this kind of diet regime okay
so there is no science to back any of this up I think detoxifying is removing
chemicals from your body however cleansing I believe are just
under unnecessary fats that we intake okay it’s not a bad definition let’s
let’s see if you’re correct I’ve read and read on so now cleanses usually
emphasized healthy foods so when some part Kristen you could be
correct some cleanse diets operate very similarly to detox diets and involve
strict dietary modifications and supplements others are less rigid so
there’s tons of detoxes and cleanse diets out there generally cleanses focus
on eliminating unhealthy or highly allergenic foods while replacing them
with nutrient-dense Whole Foods to support overall health weight loss is a
common goal of cleanse dieting but cleanses may also be used to treat
various digestive issues or food cravings foods frequently eliminated
part of a cleanse diet are sugar processed foods alcohol dairy soy corn
wheat or gluten so to summarize what we just talked about cleanse and detox
diets are difficult to tell apart as neither is clearly defined though
they’re quite similar detox diets typically aim to eliminate harmful
substances toxins from the body while cleanses aim to reduce weight and food
cravings so that’s the difference fodmap diet is a cleansing according to this
article yet anybody’s read that blog by the way on my website might want to so
not all weight loss cleanses are the same the variety of weight loss cleanses
is immense if you google the subject you’ll find an abundance of cleanses and
their associated products this overwhelming number is likely due to the
lack of a standard standardized definition here’s some examples of
popular weight loss cleanses the whole 30 sure people have heard of that juice
cleanses the Master Cleanse Beachbody ultimate reset 10 day green smoothie
cleanse as anybody tried or heard of any of these and if so did they work so hole 30 is a 30 day diet cleanse that
eliminates multiple groups of foods including sugar dairy legumes grains and
alcohol during this time you’re encouraged to consume plenty of fruits
vegetables and lean proteins so the whole 30 is actually a great way to eat
but it should be a cleanse that’s a great way to eat overall so you know
what you can get from this is cleansing it’s not a lifestyle choice it’s
something that you do for a short period of time and then you go back to what you
were doing before and you’re gonna undo everything you just did I did a 3 day
refresh cleanse and I wanted to faint Mikayla what did what did that
consistent was it a cleanser fast if you won the fame I’m guessing you’re eating
much or it didn’t have any carbohydrates juice cleanses typically lasting three
seven days these cleanses eliminate all foods other than juice and water there’s
often a specific series of fruit and vegetable juices to be consumed in a
particular order yeah look it up so juice cleanses that’s crap don’t do that
why would you need to why would you need to intake fruit and vegetable juice in a
particular order does it make any sense the Master Cleanse also called the
lemonade diet this clintons consists of eating only a mixture of lemon juice
water cayenne pepper and maple syrup for ten days I’ve actually heard of though I’ve heard of that one
I think what that one does is it really suppresses your appetite so you don’t
want to eat I’m just looking at this this link that mechanically oh so it’s
from Shakeology yeah I mean Shakeology is pretty popular this one Mikayla what was the Mosel
overall premise of the 3-day refresh what were you allowed to add just so
shakes the other one we talked about Beachbody ultimate reset this is a 21
day diet focusing on eliminating dairy meat eggs sugar and processed foods once
again I don’t know about eliminating meat but everything for eggs eggs are
fantastic wait that’s just a good way to eat overall like it doesn’t need to be a
cleanse it doesn’t need to be a detox it was shakes and only eating veggies
yeah so you’re probably just not eating any carbs and that’s gonna make you feel
like complete garbage well thanks for sharing I’m guessing you
didn’t stick with it the other one was tend a green smoothie
cleanse this cleanse replaces all meals with specific green smoothies that are
made from various fruits and vegetables you’re also allowed to eat unlimited
amounts of non starchy vegetables okay so as you can see from these few
examples weight-loss cleanses can vary greatly in terms of restrictions
duration and necessary ingredients so the big question are they effective so no scientific studies have been
conducted on specific brands of weight loss cleanses thus their effectiveness
has yet to be established I can tell you that no they’re not I mean everybody’s
body like I said works different but the majority of people know it’s not going
to be affected despite limited research on cleanses they’re most comparable the
short term very low calorie diets most research defined so in the those are
referred to as V LC D DS B LCDs very low calorie diets most research defines a v
LC D as consisting of 450 to 800 calories per day this number is
comparable to that of some popular weight loss cleanses several studies on
VL CDs and obese people revealed significant reductions in weight yeah
that’s kind of beginning interestingly one 15 week study showed
that short-term rapid weight loss by way of the LC D was more effective at
lowering cholesterol and blood sugar than slower sustain methods for weight
loss both slow and rapid weight loss strategies led to a reduction in weight
and body size however the group that uses a slower weight loss strategy
preserved more muscle mass which is what you want if you do a crash diet your
body is going to get energy from somewhere and it’s going to start taking
it from your muscle this should be noted that most of the VL CDs in these studies
are ELLs also incorporated total nutrition needs as part of the dietary
strategy these methods were closely monitored well-planned
and nutritionally balanced but Papa so these restrictions could ultimately lead
to severe nutritional deficiencies making such cleanses unbalanced and
unsafe additionally through appropriately Plan B LCDs they may be
affected for weight loss in the short term maintaining weight loss over a
longer period is only possible through balance helping healthy eating behaviors
after what you just did is complete once again a lifestyle change there is no
magic pill you need to change how you do things if you want to lose weight look
good feel good for the rest of your life can’t just do something go back to how
you’re doing it before and expect a change the next question do they offer
any health benefits no reliable scientific research exists on weight
loss cleanses despite the wide array of health claims that typically accompany
them most of these statements are marketing
taglines that are at best based on anecdotal evidence so the people trying
to sell you this stuff are going to tell you exactly what you want to hear many popular cleanses also replace a
supportive and balanced approach to healthy living with costly investments
in juices supplements and instruction manuals with little to no evidence
backing their effectiveness perhaps most importantly these extreme styles of
eating don’t teach healthy behaviors for maintaining weight loss after the
cleanse is complete like we just talked about so it continues to go over the the
inherent risks safety concerns you’re depriving your body of valuable
nutrients when you do cleanses detox is anything like that you might see very
short-term results when it comes to weight loss it’s because you’re starving
yourselves it’s okay to fast here and there like you know and when I say fast
I mean essentially when you sleep you’re fasting well your body considers fasting you
know you can do like 24-hour fast here and there you know like once every two
months something like that that’s it might help with your metabolism a little
bit once again different things different people bottom line so the bottom line weight-loss cleanses
are extreme Dietary Approaches that promise rapid weight loss through very
restrictive eating patterns there’s little research to support their use in
addition they’re often nutritionally incomplete and maybe it may be dangerous
for certain people especially without appropriate planning or medical
supervision implementing balanced healthy healthy eating behaviors that
can be utilized long term may be safer and a more effective weight loss
solution that’s it so you know that’s from a pretty credited source health
line that’s the article I got it from so you know that’s kind of short and
sweet and anybody have any questions before I take off and from this talk are
people still interested in trying a weight loss or a cleanse or a detox I’m
hoping though unless you just want to see if you can do it lisa says nope well
thank you nope nope was this information helpful was there stuff that uh that we
didn’t know kind of why I do these things you know and once again a lot of these
cleanses are good ways of eating they just shouldn’t be considered cleanses
they should be considered a lifestyle and you know how you should treat every
day and then you look fantastic feel fantastic and lose the weight that you
want they’re just not cleanses all right well if that’s it thanks for watching any questions feel free to email me text
me check out my website at the bottom here for new blogs and whatnot all right
bye guys thank you

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