what is up everybody
Caleb for Josh back with another video today cash team cash Caleb and
Josh we’re doing weird item basketball trick shots off the balcony
okay we have a little hoop we set up there which by the way should not have
taken two hours to set it took a long time that’s ridiculous
but anyway we’ve got a weird weird items on the spinning wheel Caleb Shomo we got
black beans there’s some cans of beans there’s well the weird stuff okay I
could just do this huh okay we got a basketball 2-liter soda cans
it’s a weird item video and the first one you say is basketball they’re not
all weird I guess shoes anyway five rounds but each round
you can choose whether you want to shoot from the top balcony where we are now or
the lower balcony this balcony is worth two points that balcony is just worth
one so it comes down to a little bit of strategy like do you want to go will you
turn your phone off fine we’re filming yeah
be professional this is unbelievable hey our minds vibrating mom so this game
has a little bit of strategy do you want to go for the you know two point big
baller or do you want to go for the one point four shirt no what I guess
nothing’s for sure but higher chances I don’t know it comes down to what you
prefer and every turn you get to attempt it twice cool let’s do it you go first
yo can we can we make a note about this win – it’s very windy hopefully the
audio is gonna be okay in this video but it’s a very audio the audio howdy
did the audios good the audios become windy
geez all right here we go first roll Clementine Clementine or an
orange for regular people okay love are you going there you going for the top
one can can I do one up here and then if like switch it up or yeah have to no no
you can do okay I’m gonna start up top it advantage to make sense okay wait for
the wind to die down thank you miss are you gonna get in here yeah
sticking here okay like that wait it’s good right now nothing but net two
points off to a great start Asik Caleb gunslinger not a bad run one
two points my first turn see what you do opponents choice great oh you’re gonna
hate this what cuz I can’t prepared y’all you did
not specify that you can’t use something not on the board okay so I brought
something for you okay a balloon no good luck Josh on this
windy day as upset as I am about this I can’t give you Matt I guess bro that’s
really smart that’s brilliant oh wow oh you’re gonna get well I’m just
yeah wise might as well just go for the top oh oh oh that’s not how to play yet
Oh what if it goes in oh shoot sorry oh well get another chance yikes sorry for the balloon I’m just
gonna throw like this you said throw a blue okay sure I’m gonna do balloon from
down from down here okay I’m tying a knot okay let’s make it a little heavier
okay oh that was close it was pretty close but that’s a big
zero for me first round kala round – oh you got a bonus topics perfect well glad
we’re getting these early and you thought you were so clever cuz you
brought something so did I so did I ping-pong balls all right I’m gonna
leave so I’m gonna play safe I’m gonna go ready yep oh my gosh that definitely went in okay the three
points for kit are you are you shooting a pie now you two shots right yeah
you’re going hi boo might as well watch I’m gonna play to the wind you ready
yeah you played to it yeah it’s not enough okay so you have
three three two zero big money big money big money
shooters choice I’m going to go with the basketball that’s probably pretty smart
two attempts it’s not easy it’s not easy it makes it easier this is heavier it’s
heavy but here we go I figured I said I need some points
right now time played easy right now played safe I
guess is how you would say that I think I am I’m gonna go down low
thank you for going down low this makes my job easier yep pretty New York got it one point I’m on the board ladies
gentlemen okay we go round three round number three basketball basketball okay
what it was hard at this but this one is harder than I thought from top you ready
yeah you ready yep I miss okay now what you’re gonna go safe we’re gonna try
again I’m up – yeah okay this wind is crazy but a ball over they have to play
too much short how’s it feel yeah okay it is a one two three bad numbers dream
Oh what is that I don’t know it was missing a peg right down the middle it
was right down the middle I think right now it probably is on
juggling ball okay well I’ll let all we’ll go by the honor
system you choose which one you think it’s on juggling ball these are the Josh
Horton Pro Series juggling balls from juggling better plug that
is a plug you want our top I’m going right here it’s getting dark we got to
hurry yeah yeah no way now front room looks good
need this for the tie right front rim three two one
still round numero seis and that’s for what is for hold gosh the 2-liter four
is Quattro right so should I spin again no two 2-liter bottle of club soda this
is gonna explode everyone yeah were you shooting from for the sake of neighbors
I’m gonna go from the first bar okay you but like make lasers go okay no crushing
me so I have for now you also messed up the net my bad yeah
not for you for just cuz I’m a cocky don’t do that no can we let’s redo that
one I don’t know nope here we go oh now it’s on can that’s
definitely a can alright here we go I need a some big points here can i
maybe spill some some black beans or some hey hey hey huh spill the beans
I’m Sophia I’m going from I’m good up top okay Oh drop did it didn’t bus it sounded
like it it definitely busted that’s funny yeah okay apparently
apparently I spilled the beans but the important part is I scored how’s
my joke okay so that is three for three or four yeah
this is for the win well not for the win this is to take the lead wait you sure
you don’t want to just hi yeah that’s good
so five before going into the final round
all right guys going in the next round comment down below right now who do you
think it’s gonna win Caleb all right let’s go
Oh Josh all right here we go final round opponents choice all so the only thing
that hasn’t been used yet is shoe I didn’t bring anything else with me so
I’m gonna you take off your brand new shoes no no give me your shirt okay you
can have I actually there’s black beans down there yeah that’s why I’m not using
okay okay this is probably a bad idea because these are Jordans you know
they’ve got but they got really dirty at a recent video shoot which r.i.p Jordans
yeah okay okay you don’t care okay let’s see it alright geez you got stoves are
so fast okay here we go shoes two points oh my gosh I’m up one
you’re up one if I make this you’re done right I guess
no really short Wow what was I doing dude the first one with money I don’t
care okay final one final round you’re up by so it wouldn’t score 65 I’m around
no way opponents choice okay all this argue I got something already guys are
sad don’t have some I’ll give you a coat hanger boom fun with it you definitely
lose it in the light to a tiebreaker okay okay yep oh my goodness I can’t
believe to do a tie okay guys so we only have a couple items left in the bag so
what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna choose weapon of your choice since I’m
going first I get to choose first so hi Josh okay I’m just going with the
juggling ball I feel like that’s pretty then go for it Spidey dirt pretty good
okay here we go ready up top yep going for two okay miss barely a miss shit if
I do anything if I get any point make any points you might win weapon of
choice what is it juggling ball obviously her come on just one point
away one for two because I was trying to put pressure on you oh this well we completed the challenge
are you mad man I hate losing more than I like winning yeah I don’t even
understand how I mostly play wow y’all think this is a jibe guys Mikayla feel
better comment the baby emoji on his Mo’s most easier Instagram poker just
way to get blogs comment the baby emoji because that’s what he’s acting like
Caleb Nash beamster put the gold medal emoji on my most recent Instagram post
we’ll give it Instagram shout-out if you do both of those things and you’re
following both of us Thanks watch everyone we barely made it in time
before it got dark here in beautiful Malibu we got videos every Monday of
Wednesday every set by Caleb so make sure you see he’s just kidding he’s an
actor he’s being silly let’s go to the beach that’s right there Yuni needs more soul for this one

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