What is the Best Golf Grip?

What is the Best Golf Grip?

hi this is matt founder of the mr. short game golf i can’t do it i can’t do it all right there you go i tried to be serious i know i know i just can’t be that golf instructor can’t do it so sorry about that anyways today we’re talking about a golf grip and the key factors that go into making sure you have the correct set up for you all right hey and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already please hit the subscribe and the bell notification so you’re notified every time I release a new video just for you alright thanks and let’s get to it one thing to know is everybody’s hands are shaped differently so some people have a thicker pad these are your pads front pad back pad finger size will vary obviously from person to person finger width is something that’s going to make a difference in your golf grip also the size of the paw of the palm portion versus the fingers some people have large palms and short fingers other people have smaller palms and longer fingers and there’s all kinds of variation so all of these factors are going to determine your grip not everybody’s hand is the same not everybody’s grip is or should be the same okay so we have three basic grips kind of the three main ones you see all the time there’s your neutral grip which is what everybody’s teaching your standard grip would have the club running from this back pad through this front pad this bottom pad here on your front index finger and that this would be the line from here to the back pad and as you can see the thumb is pretty straight down the center line there’s overlap interlock and a ten finger whichever is best for you I would use that I use the overlapping grip and here I want the club in my fingertips on the first pad along my fingers right down in there and then roll this hand over trying not to over rotate that hand across the club I don’t want that I want this hand right in here put that front pad right on top of my thumb and then that thumb is slightly just slightly on the other side of the center of the club in the fingers over top right there that’s your neutral grip the neutral grip is very common amongst all the players a lot of Tour players just they’re just very neutral right in here that’s where they’re taught that standard everybody doesn’t kind of bread and butter style of a golf grip right here you can do hit almost any shot like that and have almost any type of swing with the neutral grip now your weak grip guys right in here that’s like your jordan Spieth a weak grip would be instead of through the fingers you’re gonna you’re gonna rotate that hand down even more so it’s less in the first finger and more in this pad right up write it right here on your pump so that hands much more underneath and this thumb would be slightly on the on this side of the club shaft and then this hand would come over and be about this similar position slightly more rotated over and this would be considered your weaker grip so with this weaker grip he has a very bold left arm going through that shot that’s with that weaker grip kind of promotes really in here and it’s a more of a rotation of that club down down through the line after you hit and you’re gonna bend that elbow a little bit more with a weaker grip don’t get confused it’s not grip pressure that makes it strong or weak it’s just the position of your left hand determines strong weak the grip pressure is always about the same weak neutral and then there’s then there’s your strong grip which is here so now with the strong I’m rotating that over getting the club really in there and this hand turns over quite a bit here with a strong grip it sort of feels natural to do this and then you’re you’re basically crossing yourself up you’re basically sending mixed signals to your brain by doing this so you’re going to want to rotate this hand underneath a bit more and that would be a stronger grip now a lot of people teach that the strong grip is bad but it’s not bad it’s not bad at all as a matter of fact the younger you are the stronger grip I recommend something to keep in mind okay and yes you can have a very fluid smooth swing with a strong grip Freddie couples for example very strong here and he’s he’s very handsy very risky it’s kind of a Freddy couple style my interpretation but that’s his grip okay Dustin Johnson different style very strong grip shut face a lot of body rotation so the strong grip would equal Dustin Johnson style swing or even Freddy couples okay those are the kind of the two totally different swings both with the strong grip where it’s just here really rotating that body so if you have that strong grip over here with that left hand you’re going to need a lot more body rotation there you have it that is the golf grip I know there’s see there’s so much about it that we just can’t get caught up in do I have the right grip or the wrong grip there’s some key things you want to focus on and you want to make sure you’re matched up so you don’t have a strong one hand in a weak one hand you kind of want your grip to go together and so these are the three grips that are typical and one of them should work well for you all right thanks for watching please hit the like and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already I love you guys we’ll see you in the next video and today we’re and today I can’t do this yes no no no this doesn’t work I’m not doing no away

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