What NOT To Do In The Gym

What NOT To Do In The Gym

hey muscle & strength
this is Steve & Amanda Kuclo and today we’re going to talk to you about proper
gym etiquette you know being in the fitness industry
for pretty much half our lives we train not only all over the country
but all over the world and one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see
improper spotting it’s usually done by a trainer that wants to get with a girl get lost buddy all right another thing we’re
going to talk about gym etiquette here is being clean or cleaning up after
yourself now we all sweat but when you come up to a machine and it kind of
looks like this clean up after yourself another thing
improper gym etiquette is excessive grunting now of course we all grunt we’re
lifting heavy weights we’re going to make some noise but you know what I’m
talking about excessive grunting it’s usually not even necessary hey buddy what’re you curling 10’s one of the things we really need to
touch on is proper gym etiquette on allowing people to work in or sharing a
machine I guess I mean I got three more all right at least remember but at the end the day
allow people to work in be considerate but don’t be that person so there you are
guys tips and tricks on some proper gym etiquette I hope to helps someone out
thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe below

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  3. Hey guys,
    I liked a lot of what you said.
    But I gotta be honest about your improper spotting – perhaps in some cases. But many times, those girls are wearing yoga pants for a reason…and when they get some big, muscle-y guy behind them – they want the guy behind them – just like the guy wants to be behind them… Here is a link of a girl wearing some interesting gym clothes – getting a similar sort of ***Just tired of hearing people ragging on guys **…

  4. Don't try to naked in front of the mirror

  5. Amanda still the hottest woman I've ever seen in fitness.

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  8. dude lay off the roids.

  9. I guess for me the worst pet peeve in the gym is the douche bag that has 5 different sets of dumbbells, surrounding the bench he's working out on, and doesn't have the common decency to re rack the weights, in weight order. Like he has a freakin maid to do that shit for him. Foh!!! And didn't even wipe off the damn bench with his greazy disgusting sweat.

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  12. Fuck yea I call people out on that shit.

  13. You know whats proper Gym etiquette? Not walking around the locker room naked. That shit is fucking gross.

  14. all true .. but you missed a ton … how about working out with dumbbells right in front of the dumbbell rack … how about talking on your dam phone while sitting on a machine you want. Or my biggest peeve … someone who uses a large locker to hang up one fucking jacket!!!

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  17. Things i hate. Oookay here we go….1) Far parking spots or no parking. 2) Gym employees at front desk. (Talking/ joking around, rude, no welcoming skills ect..) 3)Lockers that are closed but when you open it there is clothes in it. ( put a damn lock so i dont have my hopes up thinking its a free locker) seesh. 4)The guy flexing his "incredible" physique all the time in the change room mirror, when infact he would place dead last in a show. 5)The guy awkwardly staring in the change room. Are u gay? 5) the guy in the change room that dosnt say nothing and stands there for a while, but then says " hey im just right there" meaning your blocking his locker! Just say it from the begining dont Just stand there awkwardly quiet. 6)naked change room struter 7)just the lack of cleanliness in the washroom/changeroom 8) sauna etiquette (close the door behind you, dont stare ect…) 9) the guy that decides for all to hear his music out load while changing 👎 10)the agressive guy that walks in the changeroom after a workout as if he is ready to fight ( slamming the locker, throwing his bag down hard, heavy breathing) 11) the guy/guys that everytime you look around the gym after a set or what ever, they are doing the same and i always lock eyes with him/ them and it seems like your "only" watching them but your not your looking around at everyone. (I know, thats a weird one) 12) the stupid guy that knows your watching yourself in the mirror while im working out and he gose in front of you and starts his pussy workout reps blocking your view of your self working out. 13) girls that think your hitting on them but you just want to be friendly 14) ego lifters 15) the douche guys that are loud and are Always at the gym no matter what time you go. There always there! 16) the comparer. He comes beside you and sizes you up in the mirror comparing himself to you. Then gets put to shame ( lol) 17)that one curious guy 👦 that you catch staring at you through 50 different mirror angles. Makes you wonder , where the hell is he ? and then you start to look around. 18) water fountain etiquette. Fill your water bottle after ! the poor thirsty guy is dying for a sip of water like a Somalian desert survivor. Let him drink first 19) like that guy who blocks you in the mirror, but he puts his dumbells in the empty dumbell spot that you clearly emptied to see your self through to the mirror, and there is a whole bunch of empty spots to begin with, plus the dumbells dont belong in that empty spot ✋ moron! 20) gym clothes fashion. That's a whole other topic lol. Great post💪😁👊👏

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  23. Hey I like grunting!!! A lot!!! But if you are curling a 10lbs. dumbbell, well…….

  24. Not putting your weights back is the worst one, that and people who claim 3 machines at once because they're doing supersets. Bellends.

  25. I'm the sweaty guy….

  26. She looks like Kendra Lust…..oooops now don't tell me that I watch porn 😉😎😂😂😂😂😁😁

  27. Every gym should have Gym Etiquette exam and orientation before admitting members!!

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  30. What about re racking weights?

  31. I really dont kno how i got here an how this got 6.4 mill views but not a bad video

  32. I don't work in with anybody and I don't let anybody work in with me… bodybuilding is not an ego lifting party game… I don't need to follow the advice of a juicer!!!

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  37. Like for Steve he is a beast

  38. Forgot to mention excessive slamming of weights and not putting weights back when finished and constant staring, cleaning up after your self, doesn't just apply to sweat

  39. Sharing a machine? This breaks your training. Would never do that.

  40. There’s this chick with a huge butt, and she literally well find a way to put her butt in my face. I’m talking about like less than a foot away from me 😂 I just look the other way, because I don’t want to reinforce it.

  41. NO.3, very hard to not do like that

  42. Stop super setting like you're training for a show, you work at a desk. Your gym bag doesn't have a membership to the gym. One person one machine dammit!

  43. I hate the sweating one, just the other day I went to use a bench after some meat head sweated all over it. Safe it say I opted for a different exercise. I'm not sure about the last one. If I'm using a machine I wanna get my sets done, I don't wanna have to wait while a stranger uses it. First come first serve

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  46. Screw sharing machines.. How about you wait, or find something else to do.. I'm not ruining my workout..

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  48. Don’t grab stranger’s breasts? Damn I’ve been doing it all wrong

  49. Don’t pass gas either.

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  53. Late to the party, but, informative AND entertaining.

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  55. I'm opening a gym called 'cell phone workout ',where everyone just stares at their phone.

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  64. I asked this bodybuilder old lady if I could jump in (I’m skinny) and she started yelling across the whole gym “WHY EVERYONE WANTS TO USE MY MACHINE!”

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  74. Proper gym etiquette ? What is this the politically correct liberal show ? If you’re there to train hard and train your ass off. FUCK Gym etiquette

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  77. I can assure you it's all in women's heads. I have been going to the gym all my life at different times.

    What I see is this:

    Skinny dudes talk to the girls and assist with helping the girl leaves before that.

    Jacked guys wear tank tops to show their physique and yes women are staring. 98% of them never do a dam thing 2% will.

    Then you got the genetic blessed freaks with small ass tights and thick jackets still showing their physique just busting out. They never do a thing always covered and walk in silence.

    All in your heads girls all in your heads lmfao. Thr only ones who ever try which is a 1/10 chance are the skinny dudes that wear stringers.

  78. I can understand most if not all the gym pet peeves in this video clip, that’s why I switched too home exercises.

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  80. Don't bathe in perfume or cologne

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  82. people who ask to work in on the machines are the biggest assholes in the world

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