What’s inside an NFL Flag?

– [Dan] Hi-ya. – Oh, that scared me.
– I’m in. (screaming)
What is that? – [Lincoln] I don’t know! Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln, this is Dan. And today we have two NFL flags. One from 1990 and one from today. – And they’re real, like
this is signed by a referee. Jerry Markbreit, NFL referee,
game worn jersey, hat. He’s the only referee
that’s ever reffed in four. We bought it off of eBay. And it’s kinda funny, because
this jersey actually became somewhat internet famous this last week after the Saints game, because there was a
very questionable call. Some will say the worst
no-call in NFL history. – I agree with that.
– I agree, too. Usually after the game, players from opposing
team exchange jerseys. On this one, they actually
took this jersey picture from the eBay posting from this exact one and they put it on one
of the football players exchanging jerseys with the referees. It was a really funny edit
after what happened at the game, so it’s a meme, even more
important than real game. – A lot more important.
– The memes, it’s all about the memes in 2019. – It is, and 2018. – 2020 memes are dead. – Yeah, it’s sad. – We’re Taysom Hill fans.
– Yes. – We met Taysom Hill, he
signed one of our helmets once when he was at BYU. We wanted to see Taysom, the
Swiss Army Knife of the NFL in the Super Bowl. And he got, what many
would say, ripped off due to a bad call.
– By the refs. – It’s not an easy job to be a referee. You gotta take these flags
and you gotta throw ’em when you see somethin’ bad. What is the difference between
a flag from 2018 and 1990? Turns out there’s quite a few differences. We’re gonna test ’em out and
then see what’s inside of it, because there’s clearly something inside of the referee flag. – I wanna see what’s in there. I feel like it could be
rocks or sand or something. – Or like a ball. This one has tape around it and a ball. This one’s like a square and then it has something in the middle. First you tuck your shirt in. Nope, you gotta tuck your shirt in. – [Lincoln] Oh, I do? – Yeah. Penalty! Oh. (Dan speaking in robotic voice) (laughing) Referee took too long
to tuck in his shirt, delay of game. – I’m sorry!
– 15 yards. – 15 yards. – No, get back over here. – Oh, it might work, should I? – ‘Kay, that’s good enough. What you do is you tuck
this in your pants, right into your pants, right into there. Not in your pocket. So when you are watching the
big game this next weekend, check out the referees. You’ll just see this
little yellow ball hanging out of their pocket, and not even hanging out of their pocket, hanging out of their pants. We watched a video on
YouTube about proper form of throwin’ a flag. There’s actually something to it. (birds chirping) They don’t just pull it out and throw it and go straight up. They pull it out, down,
and then they throw it. Go ahead, give it a shot, Lincoln. – Alright, alright, first try. (record scratching) – That was so slow. They said that you need to
throw it with conviction. The higher that you throw it, the more realistic that
people will be like, “Oh, that’s definitely a holding penalty. “That’s definitely a pass interference, “because that referee just went penalty!” – Oh.
– I chucked it. Let’s pretend you’re watching the game. The Saints, a minute 45 left. They have three timeouts,
it’s third and 10. They’re comin’ down,
the receiver gets hit. – Gets trucked.
– About 5 seconds before the ball gets there, helmet to helmet. Oh!
– Yeah! (flag banging) – That’s how we do it. That’s how Jerry Merk-em-brock
would’ve done it. Sorry, Jerry. Why does it look different? Does it actually make a difference? We’re gonna have a little
throwing competition. Let’s have you throw
it from this white line as far as you can. Both of ’em, ‘kay?
– I got it. (flag banging) – [Dan] Whoa, ho, ho! Oh, that is far. There’s Lincoln right there. There’s Grant, his
cousin, with the camera. Hi, Grant. Alright, Lincoln! If you can get the 1990’s
flag to this distance from that exact spot,
I’ll buy you a milkshake. – I should’ve thrown in shorter. – [Dan] Yep, that’s why
I told you afterward. – Please, give me a milkshake. I know you have the power
of number nine, the ref. – [Dan] Jerry Merk-en-berk. – Yeah. Please go! Please go! No! – [Dan] (laughs) There is the 1990’s flag. He threw that as hard as he could. Way over there. 10 yards, you almost
threw it double as far. – Yeah. – There ya go. We’re learnin’ somethin’ new. Now, let’s cut ’em open
and see what’s actually inside of these things. Alright, here we go. 1990’s flag, what is inside? (razor slicing) Oh.
– Oh. – Oh, I cut the top layer.
– There’s another layer? – I just cut it barely.
– There’s two layers. – Here is the second layer of an NFL flag. (screaming) – No way.
– Keep holding it. Keep holding it.
– Are those metal beads? Are those metal beads? (screaming) – Look at this. – Metal beads, when I felt
it, I was like oh that’s sand. – It felt like sand.
– That’s sand, for sure. – [Dan] It’s little metal BB’s. They’re smaller than a
BB that you would have in an airsoft gun, but–
– That feel could? – That feel could?
– That feel could. – That feel could. (laughs) Look at those eggs. I’m gonna put ’em in my pocket. – If it was sand, I’d be
like hey let’s just dump it on the ground, but it’s metal. (metal clanking) – It’s almost like there’s
a little plastic pouch. That is interesting. So 28 years later, is it sand? Or is it metal BB’s again? I like on this one how
it’s so aerodynamic. You throw the ball, it has this tail, they just have two pieces
of tape right there to put it together. I’m sure they learned from this other one that’s a square with
something in the middle. If you throw it like Lincoln
did, as a ball like this, it’s not really gonna fly, and it’s a little bit more aerodynamic. They just took that out
for referees that maybe aren’t the smartest.
– I wanna just– – Are there metal BB’s
inside of this flag? Hi-ya. Oh, I’m in. Whoa, okay, okay, okay. Look inside of this guy. Oh! – [Lincoln] Salt? Is it powder? – Oh.
– Is it salt? – [Dan] What is that? – [Lincoln] I don’t know. – [Dan] It looks kind of
like salt, like rough salt. – Fine, soft sand. – It really does look like fine sand, but that is kind of what
salt looks like, too. Should I taste it? Wanna taste it? – I don’t wanna taste it. (tongue boinking) (dramatic music) Nasty. (Dan spitting) – It’s not salt, that’s sand. I feel like the metal BB’s
were probably more effective, but I bet sand is a lot cheaper. 2018 sand, 1990 metal BB’s. – Honestly, I thought it
would be the other way. – If you are watching the
big game this weekend, I hope that you enjoy it. Watch for that little flag
and how they throw it out. We’ve done a football pylon. We just did a flag, two different flags, and it turns out that’s super interesting. Let us know if there’s anything else that you’d like us to do
that’s sports related. Go Kyle Van Noy. Win the Super Bowl buddy. – I’m sorry, guys, but Patriots
are better than the Rams. – I don’t think we can say that. – Okay, I like the Patriots
more than I do the Rams. – [Dan] Why, ’cause you like Tom Brady. – No, Kyle Van Noy.
– Kyle Van Noy. – BYU player.
– Kyle Van Noy. Go, Kyle Van Noy. Soon as he leaves the team,
they’re not our team anymore. – Yeah, the Saints still
are my favorite team. – [Dan] That’s right, bandwagon. – I’m a bandwagon? – [Dan] You’re like all the
referees, you’re bandwagon. Get outta here, ref. – Okay.
– Boo, boo! You missed the call, ref. Get outta here ref, go back to L.A. Get outta here. He really is gettin’ outta here. Get outta here, ref! You suck! (dramatic music) Boo! Don’t be so rude to the refs,
they’re doin’ their best. They blow calls sometimes. You would too if you were a referee. Still feel bad about the Saints though. (hand banging) – What happened to that camera? – It just has two scratches
on it, on the lens. – ’cause of the sparks? – Probably. – [Grant] My bad. (sand rustling) – That was bad. – [Grant] Is it salt? – Nope. – [Grant] It’s just a little sand, bro. Welcome to–
– Sorry, Terry.

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