When Max met Coutinho: ‘Best day ever!’ | Pure Liverpool FC

When Max met Coutinho: ‘Best day ever!’ | Pure Liverpool FC

My name is Max Dutton. I’m seven years old
and I support Liverpool, and I love Liverpool. I started supporting Liverpool cos of my dad. And I would have supported them
anyway cos they’re the best. I like it when my dad takes me to the match,
cos you get to see the actual players, actually playing, not just on the TV, but I think it’s better at my house
cos it’s warmer and comfier. I play for Atletico Berkley, and we play
Saturdays, Wednesdays, Fridays… and just today, Monday. My favourite players is
Mane, Coutinho and Firmino. Coutinho always, like, sometimes scores, and he always does skills
and he does the assists to make us score. Hello. I love it when I score, cos it helps the team,
like, to win, and it’s fun scoring. The best thing about Phil Coutinho
is he does boss goals. – Hi, Coutinho!
– Hi, nice to meet you. – I have this for you, it’s a little gift.
– Thank you. We want to show you first the new kit. I want to say thank you to you for being
an amazing fan. You like? Yes. – Do you like the colour?
– Yes. It’s for you. Aw, nice. – Boss.
– Beautiful. – You’re one of my favourite players.
– Yeah? Thank you. Mane and Firmino as well. When you scored
in the derby you were like… How old are you? – Seven.
– Seven? – You play football?
– Yeah. You like? – Yeah.
– Which position you play? All of them. Goalkeeper as well? – Yeah.
– Like Simon? – Yeah.
– Nice. I can’t believe you’re here. PHILIPPE LAUGHS PHILIPPE: Ooh! Real! That was the best day ever. PHILIPPE: Yes.

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  1. countinho he is the besy

  2. Liverpoll is bad club

  3. that is so sweet of you coutinho

  4. Aww Coutinho is such a great person

  5. What in the world he
    Is luky

  6. Before watching: BOY! THAT KID WILL BE SUPRISED!
    While Coutinho Sneaks in:

    H I C O U T I N H O ; )

  7. When Coutinho leaves Liverpool
    'Best day ever!'

  8. Que sorte ele teve 👏👏

  9. I like liverpool I like couthino i like the jersey I play forward too

  10. He Sad "Hi Countihno" Like He Was His Friend

  11. Coutinho is my fav

  12. Now he's a barcelona fan

  13. That's why Liverpool is the best

  14. 😤😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭.nossa td munto conhece o philippe coutinho menos eu.😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭


  16. Man que menino calmo, eu teria surtado

  17. I knew that Coutinho will give max a Liverpool shirt.

  18. Coutinho ilu af😍😍😍💋

  19. Simon goalkeeper karius goalkeeper
    LFC coach: Why are you both shiet?

  20. he is in Barcelona now ):) idk to be happy or sad

  21. God job Coutinho 👌👌👌👍👍👍

  22. LOL Coutinho left to Barcelona

  23. We are Liverpool

  24. Countinho o is so nice bro!!

  25. And then he moved to Barca

  26. I am better at football as you

  27. M.salah Mane and firmino best friends

  28. Your lucky I'm glad you got to meet him

  29. Coutinho is so CUTE

  30. Tantas crianças com uma sorte absurdaa

  31. coutinho no. 1 fans

    that is me

  32. I couldn't stop laughing I don't know why

  33. Who's watching in 2018 after Coutinho left for BARCA

  34. I have a joke
    What's different about a book and Tottenham

    A book has a title

  35. Liverpool is the best

  36. Coutinho is the best player in Liverpool

  37. you the king coutinho

  38. I’m arsenal fan but. RESPECT!❤️ and damn max is cute!

  39. You dont play football you zebra

  40. Who is watching this video after coutinio moved to barca

  41. Coutinho join liverpool?

  42. I like Phillipe Coutinho.

  43. I don’t support Liverpool but I just clicked this video because it looked cringe but the Liverpool assent BRUH

  44. Some haters disliking this video omg people can hate, now why hate this boy for real

  45. I like coutinho he is so good.

  46. He should of never moved to barca

  47. He's so chill about it just like "Hi Coutinho" I would have been like "EEEEE OMG COUTINHO HI HI HI ILY OMG YOU'RE AWESOME ALDJDLSNEKFK" 😂😂

  48. Best day forever for now😢😭


  50. Do u like football


  51. Mohamed salah is the best now that coutinho is gone

  52. Screw u Liverpool I like man united you Iggy piggy 🐷

  53. Liverpool are stupid

  54. "He always sometimes scores" 😂😂

  55. Imagine that kids reaction when coutinho left the best team in the world(liverpool) to barca


  57. He plays with normal street boots at football 🤣

  58. Sorry kid your idol is paying bad with Barcelona

  59. He will h8 coutihnio now for Barca

  60. Coutinho is my favourite player.

  61. "Hi coutinho"
    " I got this for u"
    Coutinho pulls out Barca contract

  62. Coutinho: I’m giving you a present
    Max: what is it?
    Coutinho: my actual shirt I’m not going to need it. Barca here I come!

  63. RIP coutinho Liverpool player he support Barcelona now whyyyyyy

  64. Coutinho: oh I'll just go if you are not exited

  65. It hurts Phil it just hurts

  66. doesn't seem like a suprise

  67. Max: Coutinho is my favourite player. Max: Hi coutinho

  68. I love Liverpool so so much you are my favorite team and I like countino and firmino

  69. Good look for bacalona countino

  70. Sadly his a snake

  71. Just a casual "oh hi coutinho". I was crying with laughter

  72. Holy god I am max Dutton’s friend I swear to god do to my vids and you will see that I was given him a shout out holy god

  73. Here you was a Hero !

  74. Now at Bayern Munich

  75. Oops 🙊 wrong box that’s my Barca contract

    Child 👶:what?


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