Why Michelle Obama Still Feels Optimistic About America | Oprah’s Book Club | Oprah Winfrey Network

Why Michelle Obama Still Feels Optimistic About America | Oprah’s Book Club | Oprah Winfrey Network

– And one of the things that
has lasted with you, you say, is the sense of optimism. “I continue to keep myself
connected to a force that’s larger and more potent
than any other, election or leader or news story. And that’s optimism for me. This is a form of faith and
an antidote to fear”, you say. So I want to ask you, do
you feel that same sense of optimism for our country,
who we are, as a nation, are becoming? Do you feel that? Yes. And we have to feel that
optimism for these kids. We’re setting the
table for them. And we can’t hand them crap. We have to hand them hope. Progress isn’t
made through fear. We’re experiencing
that right now. And fear is false. Fear is the coward’s
way of leadership.

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  1. “Progress isn’t made through FEAR, and we are experiencing that now , Fear is FALSE , fear the cowards way of leadership”

  2. Oprah and Michelle together!

  3. A great human being!

  4. Real talk….tell em Michelle….

  5. ❤️❤️❤️ wow

  6. Am I the only one who is incredibly intrigued with Michelle? I want to know every fear, every doubt, every monumental moment, every wonderful experience, every insecurity, etc—She is so characteristic and relatable. I am so in love with the woman she has blossomed into. She makes me feel less alone. She makes me feel like I’m not such a hot mess like I thought I was. She makes me want to shine brighter in a world determined to diminish my significance.


  8. This the minority sentiment what fear we are going through one of the most exiting eras in American History with a president that is making America great again – as I travel across America speaking with people from all walks of life heritage culture identity I hear more people happy with trump them against him it’s only when you watch any social media do you see this constant one side rhetoric

  9. I am because obama is not President anymore

  10. Where can I see the full interview?

  11. She's the real thing

  12. Oprah, the way i see it, Americans can't let the dumbest people in the room (these enraged trump supporters) lead the rest of us through our search for a brighter future, nor should we be afraid of them. why be afraid of the dumbest person in the room? not only are they a small minority and need to fix their own mental issues (because i don't have time for their bs), but as the bible says, one plus God is a majority. and, these trumpsters have already been losing from the beginning (otherwise, they wouldn't be so angry about everything), as Proverbs describes over and over again that the wicked will fail. sorry for sounding so negative, but i'm just tired of their stupidity, and there's no reason to be afraid of stupid people. lol

  13. Trump created jobs

  14. What is a Starbursts?

  15. There’s something about Michelle that I can’t figure out… she’s like a breathe of fresh air… someone who changes lives in a positive, empowering movement. Idk what it is… but I love her and want her energy.

  16. Two haters talking out their butts!! Evil, very evil. See what tons of money does to people. They lie and get blinded by skin color. They suck up to evil people. Shame on both of you. You both had great chances to help this nation become even greater but you let the devil run your mouths.

  17. "…Fear is false, fear is the cowrds way of leadership."

  18. I am optimistic that my Dole stock value will stay high from all the bananas being eaten by the Obamas.

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