Why speed is so important today | football speed tips

Why speed is so important today | football speed tips

Yes, I think so. These boots really help with speed and comfort. I think Adidas has always made boots to help the players and these ones help me a lot. [laughs] Before I would often play barefoot on the streets with my friends but I can’t play barefoot on the pitch… I prefer playing barefoot on the streets, I can’t do that on the pitch however the boots are very important. I have always used Adidas boots, so to me this is all I’ve known, I’ve always used their boots, I’ve adapted to them, so these ones, with the shape of my feet and all that has been very important to me It is very important, because sometimes you only have seconds, sometimes not even that to decide the moves you’re going to do in order to overtake other players, so I believe speed is very important in football, your mind can think and decide something but obviously your body has to follow it doesn’t really matter if you are a quick thinker but have a slow body and it doesn’t matter if you are a slow thinker but have a fast body so I think the ideal is the mix of both of those things and to me, the mind thinks more than the body, however the body has to follow your mind. I like to be fast with or without the ball. I think a striker, someone who plays as a forward needs to be fast with or without the ball, like in moves to reach the box or in counter attacking moves, so I believe you do have to train that. I train everything on a daily basis so that when game day comes, I am prepared. Both!
[Jesus and Jay laughs] I think as I said, it doesn’t matter if you have a fast body if your mind is slow, I believe you do need to train your muscles, train what you think you can improve on and you also need to think. You need to train speed, body mass in order to not end up being slow. I think the combination of both is very important.

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