Will This Fix Your Golf Game? The GForce Golf Training Aid Review

Will This Fix Your Golf Game? The GForce Golf Training Aid Review

all right today we’re at the beautiful
Pelican Hill Golf Resort do a little review for you let’s do it okay
you might have seen these before hmm look at GeForce bindi Club
Mandy Club so these obviously link in the description below for this so ah but
we’re gonna check it out what they claim is that this is supposed
to help with your swing tempo your rhythm your tie all that good stuff so
um personally I don’t care what a club looks like what a club feels like I
don’t care what I look like what I feel like is long as it helps my game I’m
happy I don’t even care if it if it doesn’t really help if I think it helps
I’m cool with that too so um they make this they make a seven they make a they
make a wedge also have that but well you know I’m pretty good with my wedges but
I want to get my iron anyways they also make a driver they make a putter to make
a bunch of stuff so check it all out it’s all designed to help you get better
have a better swing tempo so here is what we’re gonna do oh by the way up I
mean what an awesome range this place is so I’ll leave a link in the description
below for Pelican Hill Golf Resort during the Newport area check them out
great place to play bill spendy but uh awesome spot for sure so here’s what
we’re going to do come on I’m warmed up but I’m gonna get my seminar and I’ve
got target out here okay a blue flag so I should just be going over that blue
flag and I’m gonna see how many out of ten I can hit with my 7 iron in my
target zone which is that just beyond that blue fight it’s gotta get past the
blue flag not the purple on the next one and then be in that skier same shape of
the green okay I’m gonna see how many out of ten I can get with this you do
two times so get two results so 20 shots but how many out of ten each I’m then
I’m gonna hit g-force 7-iron right there and hit like
20 shots with that I’m gonna go back to this and see if I improved make sense okay first one I hit six out of ten in
my target zone so I can do it one more time okay that time I also got six I don’t
feel like I made as good if contact but they made it to the my target zone so
both times six out of ten now now I’m gonna hit maybe 20 shots with the
GeForce 7-iron so same as that Club and see what happens here and then go back
and see if my rhythm gets better so I felt like my rhythm was worse the second
set than the first so anyways nothing I think I’m too quick I basically shanked
it kind of hitting it on the toe they can get into I’m too quick I got a
slowdown up here and my hands are a little too loose at the top so I’m just
now I’m just gonna try to shoulder turn it no I mean really it’s not easy to hit
me you hit it but ball doesn’t go well I’ve got to let my hands
alright the club catch up I’m out racing it with my hands and you just feel it
because everything’s going pretty high right I don’t like it technical but you
could just you could just tell what’s going on based on you know the feel of
the club honey it was a first draw I hit with this and I really felt like I had
to head it take my time and stay in it and let the club release better I’m
usually like this kind of guy and so that time I really felt like I got a
good release had to let it release or nothing good was gonna happen
I’m gonna keep going till I feel confident totally calm so here’s the deal when I wait on it and
I’m patient and I get a good strike it goes as far as my other 7-iron you just
got to be patient and you can’t I can’t rush it if I rush anything
I lose it way right okay that was a number of pure ones in a row so now I’m
going back to my 7-iron and let’s see what type of results we get now I’m
curious be honest with you again 10 10 balls yeah all right you want the results
surprising it’s gone okay my unscientific testing of the g-force
so here is here’s what I found when I went back to my 7-iron after g-force I
was hitting this really well and I felt like everything was synced up everything
was great I went back to this I hit three in my target okay we uh we had to
pull it inside there’s a there’s a few things I wanted to point out about the
g-force swing trainer that I was able to see while editing the video that I
really wasn’t able to comment on while I was at the course experiencing what was
happening all I know is that I was missing left a lot now I came back and
when I was editing the video here is what I noticed you look at my swing with
my 7 iron before I started using the g-force okay and you know I get across
the line I start my downswing also like with my
arms and shoulders more so than my lower body I’m more of an upper body start the
golf swing kind of person that’s just you know we all got our things right
that’s me so now then I noticed my swing with the g-force meant I was I really
liked what I saw I didn’t cross a line it flexed beyond parallel but it didn’t
go what we would call across the line or to let’s say my right to the right side
of their driving range it stayed on playing the swing actually technically
to me looked incredibly sound and so I was just obviously getting ahead and
missing most of my shots right until I got the feel for it then I was hitting
him pretty straight and very far and then when I went back to my club
just on video I noticed which I liked my swing got shorter and my club face was
more shut now when I have a longer swing and I crossed a line I’m able to recover
and save my swing with my hands just I’m used to it and so I was able to
do that with my before shots whereas my after shots what was happening was the
the club is actually in a better position and I was just I you know out
of rhythm out of synch so I I would say looking at what the g-force did to my
swing now I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it helps and I’m gonna tell
you about this here and how it helped me that day while playing but immediately
yeah my shots were different but that doesn’t mean I throw a club or a
training aid away that just means that I want to take some time and step back
which I’m doing now and looking at and seen what happened and reporting it back
because I want to be fair to these guys and to you about what was actually going
on so looking at my swing after it looked really good it just took
me a while to get synced up with that new feeling so that’s what happened now
the exciting news is this on the golf course that day and you’ll be able to
see that round on the golf holics channel when because I played with Mike
from golf holux at Pelican Hill south so that’ll be coming out soon but just to
report back I believe I missed one fairway and I shot a 71 so I had an
amazing round of ball striking my misses whereas a previous round Mike and I
played I missed all over the planet and then here I didn’t have any big misses I
missed one shot to the left it was in the left barely rough and I think I hit
every other fairway hit a lot of greens but I played really consistent so I felt
like my swing was was really solid after you know working with this for a little
while and then going on the course so I just wanted to point that out and bring
that up now when I have a chance to to look at my swing and then after the
round that I played immediately following using this guy so they make
the 7-iron they make a wedge also I believe is a
gap wedge they also make a putter and driver initially my review was not great
I mean I thought it was for some people but not for others but then after
looking at my swing and seeing the difference before and after and then how
I played after using this I think it’s a pretty good product and it did help it
helped me get in rhythm helped me control my swing help my timing get
better so for that I think it’s a great product to get your to get you synched
up interesting guy here obviously links are in the description below hope you
like this video hope it’s informative and helpful to you love you guys
good luck hit that like button subscribe to the channel see you in the next video

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  1. Little Dave has one but doesn't like it

  2. Seem s like the product that they just made because they know golfers will buy an aide. Then the manufacturer attaches a solution to it that sounds good. The difference in oscillation of these shafts makes me doubt that anything really translates when using a regular club. I don’t believe that using the swing this product requires, will be the same swing that you use with real clubs.

  3. I'd like to try it, but a yardstick works in the meantime.

  4. Love your Vlog when your In Northern Calif net Us Know Meet your Fans

  5. I have this club and I do think it’s a great training aid for tempo and timing. You can’t have any quick, jerky movements in your swing and hit this club successfully. Personally I don’t like to hit balls with it just prior to playing a round, as there is a short adjustment period when you go back to regular clubs. It’s great for the range, though – if you can learn to hit this club well, you can be confident that your swing is in decent shape.

  6. Nice product review. Really love to hear you opinion.
    Do you van experience with Arccos Golf?

  7. This is a knock off on the old Whippy Tempomaster.

  8. Isn't it funny, how this video is really not getting the views you normally see, but I personally think this is one of your most insightful and helpful videos this year. Great video, great catch on your swing and how this club really made a difference.

  9. I use the orange whip before every round in much the same way. Though you don't hit balls with it, I believe it really helps with tempo. Getting the 7 iron version of this aid you tested might be especially useful.

  10. Very interesting; totally didn't expect this result. THANK YOU!

  11. Really like when you do the over view (after you’ve had time to examine it) to give a fully well rounded opinion. So much of this game takes a lot of time to see positive changes consistently. Well done. ✅

  12. Neat club. I can see the advantages this might have for a lot of swing and impact issues.

  13. I love seeing you still using the Hogan’s. Makes me so jealous!! They will be mine oh yes they will be mine. 😂

  14. I’m gonna sneak it out of your bag tomorrow! Any tempo help I can get. And props to you for figuring it out so quickly after going back to the Hogie.

  15. I'm no expert, but after using the training aid, I think I see a difference in your hips activating better. (Which is the key to consistency, from what I've heard. Hence Coach Mike of Golfholics super consistent swing, watch his hips). This is something that might benefit me, but I don't have $120 to spend all these training aids. The key I think you said was the "waiting on it" part, which is… so HARD to do.

  16. I have used this club with my coach and it’s good if you rush your down swing.

  17. Man your videos are spot on! I love the full in-depth analysis of how you can see your own swing change by using the G-Force for a small amount of time! I will be picking this up asap!

  18. I’d like to see you try their driver

  19. Assuming I am equally proficient with throughout my bag. If I was to only get one club what would you say would be the best one to get?

  20. Nice form Sir Matt.That was fun to watch. Kool new aid product. Keep these vids coming!!

  21. M, great review…not convinced…use that little $5M or whatever, orange device of yours and measure your swing speed, angle, distance, etc. subjective data is non conclusive. great video and you do have a fantastic swing.

  22. I have the G force 7i & 54 * wedge. At the beginning, I couldn't hit the 7i because of my over the top swing and my rushing down with my arms.It was only,like you said, until I patiently let the club and hands release without manipulation. The 54* wedge was similar experience but I was able to chip and pitch quicker with it. These clubs do work, but you have to give it time to adjust.
    It was great of you to stopped the initial review and told us why you changed your mind about it.
    I think if you practice a few more with the Gforce, you'll see a difference. The Gforce and DST 8i are my favorite training aids that really work.Thanks Matt.

  23. Have you thought about the DST Compressor?? It looked like in the face on view you were early extending ie. no lag tension at impact. Would like to see a review of the DST Compressor. Always like your different point of views and your chipping videos have helped me this last summer.

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  25. Funny, I bought both the 7 and wedge from Gforce a while back, and have not really used them. One of my many bad traits. I am going to retrieve them and give them a serious try tomorrow. Thanks

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    Me: what’s your YouTube handle?

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  30. Good review thanks for sharing. I'd really like to see you review the swing align training aid. Found on it looks like it could help your swing and keep you from crossing the line.

  31. GForce is a great training aid. Keep using it and you will improve

  32. I use some old tiny blades from 1970 for tempo the sting makes one swing with a good tempo real quick. But migjt just to my pile of training aids being addicted to golf is exspensive maybe its time for a fish tank new hobby.

  33. I have an old medicus 5 iron that pretty much does the same thing. It forces you to have consistent rotation in order to avoid the arms yanking the club off path. I do suffer from lack of tempo, especially with the longer clubs like fairway woods and driver. I might get the driver version if I can find it. Thanks!

  34. Nice that you were willing to take another look and not just go with your initial impressions. Thanks for the review.

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