Wushu Cudgel or Staff – Movements and Basics

Wushu Cudgel or Staff – Movements and Basics

Hey guys! This is Nick from Enter Martial Arts. In this video we’re going to go over staff basic movements and combinations. Now, the staff we’re going to use is this
Wesing carbon fiber staff. It’s a carbon fiber composite so it much harder
to break. It’s still quite flexible just like these
things here. These are the traditional wax wood staffs that have been used for many many years. I guess the big difference is really only
the difference in hardness. So this is much harder to break so if you
notice that you’re breaking a lot of wax wood staves then definitely lookout for these carbon
fiber ones. They are a bit more expensive but probably
worth it. One thing to look out for, these are much
harder, so if you are slamming on to the ground, you may hurt your hand the first few times. So, please be careful with that. So, in preparation, please make sure to mark
your staves. Especially if you’re a beginner. that way you don’t scrape yourself and hit
yourself in the chest when doing any sort of swings. Now, the best way to do that is put your fist in your armpit just like this, and put the end of the staff right at the end of your fist. Don’t push down too hard. Okay? and then you’re gonna hold your arm
out. and see where my pinky is? That’s where you want to put some tape. And that kind of marks it. So, you can put your forefinger there. So, if you were to swing the staff, you know
that you have plenty of clearance. You’re not gonna hit yourself. Okay? Enjoy. πŸ™‚ Okay. So, here are some basic movements for the
Chinese cudgel. Since it only has one tapered end, like a
billiard cue stick, you’ll find that many of the techniques begin on one end of the staff. So, make sure to always be aware of which
end is the thicker end. You will want the weapon to eventually feel
like an extension of your body. I don’t think I really understood that phrase until I could perform these basics
without having to think about them. So, you will really want to do these over
and over again until it’s almost impossible to make a mistake. Now, a great way to become consistent in your
technique is to aim at a single leaf in a tree or a point on a wall while working on
these repetitive movements. Now, these staffs have properties that
allow them to flex and bend a bit, so you’ll see techniques that take advantage of that like tapping the ground left and right as well as flicking the staff end upwards or downwards. As you become more confident in your movements
and begin to move faster, you will want the staff to really whistle in the air. Don’t forget to move your head out of the
way, Definitely or else the weapon will remind you! Ultimately, I recommend messing around a lot
with this weapon. Every staff is different, naturally and you
really want to get to know your weapon before swinging it around at high speeds. The cudgel is one of my favorite weapons. It’s a very versatile weapon that you can
very quickly allow for lots of creativity. So, the staff was the weapon of the commoner. It’s a great tool to hold multiple items
like water buckets across your shoulder or as a drying rod for clothing or noodles. Now, in spite it being a simple and not expensive
weapon, there are many legendary stories that include the staff including quite a few that
star a monkey king whose weapon could shrink or grow to any size. There’s another story about a group of monks who used their cudgels to protect their temple from invaders. Now, you’ll notice that the momentum of
the staff is used a lot in these combinations, and you can see how one movement really flows
to the next before coming to an end. So, thanks a lot for watching guys! Now, a few tips and tricks to remember about
this particular type of weapon, remember that you are at many time swinging this staff like
a baseball bat. So, you need to make sure that you know what’s
around you so you’re not knocking into anything. There are other martial arts styles where
you may be holding onto the center, like this maybe needing a little bit less space, but
that’s definitely not true with a weapon like this Second, is that make sure you
know the limitations of your weapon. That’s why I really like this carbon fiber staff. You can really beat it up before you even
get close to it’s limitations. But, I really recommend that people start
with the wax wood staff. It is much more economical and you can really decide if you really like the weapon and with that said, those weapons have been known to
break if you really slam it into the ground incorrectly, especially if you’re tapping back and fourth or slamming into the ground incorrectly. So, make sure you’re kind of holding back
and getting a good understanding of what that limit is for a weapon like this. Now, if you have any questions or comments,
please feel free to leave them below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! πŸ™‚

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