Xavi Simons shows He is businesslike and has a 3D view As if he has eyes in the back of his head The boy already lives under a magnifying glass But he’s relaxed. Go ahead Calma.
A Dutch boy who lives in Spain He speaks Dutch, but speaks better Spanish.
The Dutch prince speaks excellent Spanish He is on fire and plays Tiki Taka He surpasses his opponent, not even with an akka Simple football is the best there is. The hardest part is simple football and
he knows how to do it Do you understand? He took three steps forward What is the secret of this tactical brain?
Curly hair and he is 14 years old Lots of swag with more than 600,000 on his Instagram No arrogance, as it should,
Now I’m going to have fun with Xavi at the Cruyff Court Have you done your homework?
– Yes You always do your homework? Or just your football homework? No, I do everything What was your homework? What was the challenge? The Touzani – Knee That’s the Akka with the knee
– Yes You know the trick now? Yes
– Yes? This young man is gonna do the Akka Touza – Knee Akka as a gift He did that in one take And now… It’s my turn 60 times 60 times. That was the task he gave me First he said 100 times. I told him you’re not 100% Then he said, do it 60 times But 60 times is a lot as well I’m here with the bike. So my legs are tired What’s bike in Spanish?
– Bicicleta What do you think? Will I make it? It is difficult. But I think you’ll get it. 60 times That’s easy for you That was the warming up How much did I get?
– 16 or 17 I practiced Come on How much?
28 I look at my coach Can I try it one more time at
the end of the video? Yes of course I need a break now Besides… You don’t do tricks that often No. I’m more in to position play I do not like tricks. But when
it is necessary, I’ll do a trick. But I’m more into Tiki Taka Yes that suits you better?
– Yes You do tricks only when absolutely necessary Yes, when I see that I can do nothing else,
I have to do a trick If it works, it’s fun
Otherwise, next time better You do not consider in advance
what trick you’re going to do. The defender aproaches you and then
you then responds to him Yes that’s right What does Tiki Taka mean to you? That the opponent does not see the ball,
because it goes so fast They are already tired after 5 minutes That’s for us … If that happens on the pitch, we’re doing a good job This means that we play well I’ve been playing at FC Barcelona for 8 years So I’ve become accustomed to it I heard that you’re never in the
center while playing the game rondo Yes, we play every day, so we
are used to it Sometimes I’m in the middle But it is rare When you’re playing football, it seems
you’re reading a book you’ve already read 10 times Also in the defensive aspect Sometimes you intercept the ball, as if you
know what the opponent will do Many people know your offensive abilities Then you’re the playmaker How come you’re a good defender as well? If you can run forward,
you can run backwards as well You have to do your job and
observe the feet That is the most important thing If you observe the feet That’s like a face Then you see what side his feet are on.
Right or left This young man can think quickly. That’s why I’ll play ‘head and catch’ Head means catch and catch means head In English! You speak Spanish, English … Dutch, Spanish, Catalan … And English Then you have to be a language teacher.
Am I saying that right? Teacher of language? Head means catch and catch means head Head Catch Catch Catch Head Head Catch Catch Head Head Head Catch Catch Catch This is not going wrong. It is over.
This young man thinks too fast I’m stopping this challenge Ok, let me try for a bit Head Come on!
– Catch Head Catch Head Catch Catch Head You can’t handle it huh What did you say?
– You can not handle it Very cool that you speak different languages Yes I think it is very important My parents and family know many languages So I learned it as well Is that not difficult? To switch
to other language? We are now in Spain. But I know I’m talking to Dutch people,
so I can switch to Dutch Then I’ll switch back to the Dutch language Sorry I did not know you would get angry Kaymakoglu asks:
How old were you when you started with football? I was 3 years old when I started. In Alicante in Spain At a club there I started there You were three years old? The ball was as big as you?
– Yes, I was really small But I was addicted to the ball.
I could not let go of the ball Everywhere I went,
I always had the ball with me. I wanted to play football very much. When I received
consent from my parents, I started immediately. Xman asks:
Who’s your favorite rapper? Rapper… I do not listen to rap music that often I listen to Spanish songs more Can you name a Hispanic rapper or singer? Singer… Bad Bunny Not Bugs Bunny, but Bad Bunny I think that’s pretty cool Kamel asks… Which sport do you like, outside football Outside football … NBA Basketball But I find baseball interesting as well Sometimes I look at a baseball match If I did not play football I would play basketball I would like that Just basketball or play in the NBA eventually?
With all the big stars I’d like to. But you have to
start at the beginning anyway At a small club. And if you do it right …. I think this is a very difficult question Xjerrr asks:
Goal or assist? Assist to me is the most important Why? What do you like about an assist? Because… I’m happy when I score. But I’m even happier
when I make a teammate happy You do that with an assist That’s good for the team Gilles asks:
What is your Favourite Food? Favourite food? Surinamese chicken with rice and beans That simple?
– Yes I’m in love with that Cassava soup also … But if I must choose one,
it is chicken with rice and beans That’s easy. Can you make it yourself? Yes sometimes I help my mother.
I’ve been having it since childhood The next episode:
Cooking with Xavi Do you have a pet? I used to have three birds One blue, one yellow and one black bird When I was little, they jus fled I hear a lot of birds. Do you hear that? New round, new opportunities I’m here with Xavi Simons 60 times around the world 54 times 54 We are here standing at the 14 rules of Johan Cruyff Johan Cruyff has one quote. That quote
reminds me of Xavi Simons Simple football is the best there is,
but the hardest thing is simple football If you do not know football.
Then you can not understand what Xavi is capable of But that is so difficult to do I wanted to say that. What is
your favorite line? I have two favorites. Number 1.
You can not do anything alone. You have to do it with your teammates Yes And… And number 12. Learning You have to learn something new every day Those are my favorites of the 14 rules

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