Zimbabwe’s Biggest Fan Base: Dynamos FC

Zimbabwe’s Biggest Fan Base: Dynamos FC

zora bata!
dynamos Harare is the biggest football club in Zimbabwe
what makes this club so special is the fan base of more than a million of these million
fans im sure majority of them believe that football is a religion so smash that subscribe
button if you agree with me now dynamos is known for playing carpet football which resulted
in them getting the nick name of the glamour boys however locally they are called dembare
due to the clubs attachment to their traditional home ground of rufaro stadium located in mbare
dynamos is the most successful football club in Zimbabwe however they have a special fan
base so checkout the following clips on their fans and please leave a comment

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  1. Wooow! That is huge bro! Great job, keep it up, btw. I also just uploaded a vid 😀

  2. Chazunguza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DeMbare needs Chunga as Chunga needs Dele Dele.

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